Peroxide Stop Exploiting Error: What It Is & How To Fix

This guide explains why players are getting the Stop Exploiting message in Roblox Peroxide while talking about how you can fix it.

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Here's a guide on the Stop Exploiting error message in Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Peroxide is a fighting game available on the Roblox platform. It is inspired by the popular manga and anime series, Bleach.

Recently, many of the players have been plagued with a bug in the game with the message "Stop Exploiting" that kicks them out of the session.

Even though players are not using any sort of exploit like auto farming or anything that relies on scripts and mod applications, the error persists.

Seeing that, we are here with a handy guide that explains the Peroxide Stop Exploiting error while talking about possible fixes.

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

What Is Peroxide Stop Exploiting?

Here's everything you need to know about the Stop Exploiting error in Peroxide. | © Peroxide

As mentioned earlier, "Stop Exploiting" is an error that players encounter while playing Peroxide via Roblox.

Whenever players are hit with the error, the game disconnects with an error message "You were kicked from this experience: Stop exploiting. (Error Code: 267)"

Peroxide Stop exploiting
Here's a look at the Peroxide Stop Exploiting error. | © Peroxide

Once you get the Peroxide Stop Exploiting error, the only option available to you is to leave the game by clicking on the "Leave" button or force closing the window.

As per the devs, the Stop Exploiting error is a game bug that has popped up with a recent update and it has nothing to do with any sort of exploits.

How To Fix Stop Exploiting Errors In Roblox Peroxide

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Restarting the game is the best way to get past the Stop Exploiting error in Peroxide. | © Peroxide

In Peroxide, you can fix the "Stop Exploiting" error by simply waiting and restarting the game.

When writing this guide, the Stop Exploiting bug has already been fixed by the developers.

So, you should no longer encounter it while trying to play Peroxide.

And in case, the error still persists for you, we recommend raising the issue on the Peroxide Discord Server.

Apart from that, there is no workaround or fixes that we can implement from our end to fix the Peroxide Stop Exploiting error.

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