Peroxide Trello Link, Discord, Map & Wiki Guide

This guide shares the official Trello link for Roblox Peroxide while sharing the Discord and other social links, the game's map, and a detailed wiki guide.

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Here's a Trello link and wiki guide for Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Peroxide is a role-playing fighting game on the Roblox platform based on the famous manga from Mangaka Tite Kubo, Bleach.

In the wake of that, Peroxide gameplay revolves around the moves and abilities you have seen in the Bleach series.

It features a multitude of Bankai and Shikai moves, Hollow Progression, Resurrections, and much more.

To keep up with the game and get the necessary details on the available content, you must know how to access Peroxide's official Trello Board and social pages.

This is where our guide comes in handy as we share the official Trello link for Peroxide, Discord, other social links, and a wiki guide. So keep reading!

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

Roblox Peroxide Trello Link

Here's the official Trello link for Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Here is the official Trello link for Roblox Peroxide:

Roblox Peroxide Trello link

You can click on the above link to access the Peroxide Trello Board, where the devs post details on the available content.

Apart from that, you can also find FAQs and general details on Peroxide on the Trello Board.

Roblox Peroxide Discord And Other Social Links

Here are the Discord and other important links for Roblox Islands:

We recommend joining the Peroxide Discord to get the latest details on the game.

Roblox Peroxide Game Map

When writing this guide, Peroxide doesn't have a game map. We are currently working on a temporary map that outlines all the locations and other details. So keep checking this page.

Roblox Peroxide Wiki Guide

Peroxide 2
Here's a wiki guide for Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Here is the wiki guide for Roblox Peroxide that shares everything you need to know about the game.

Note: This wiki is a work in progress.

Update: We added new details on September 18, 2023.

Peroxide Controls

Here are the controls for Roblox Peroxide:

  • Q: Dash
  • E: Take out your weapon
  • G: Use a mode
  • N: Teleport to your spirit realm/skill bind menu
  • V: Carry NPCs, players, or objects
  • B: Grip NPCs or players
  • F: Block
  • F + M2: Press while getting hit to perform the push counter

How To Become A Hollow In Peroxide

To become hollow, you have to become a Soul by dying as a Human and then pull your soul chain out by pressing G.

How To Become A Soul Reaper In Peroxide

To become a soul-reaper, you need to become a Soul by dying as a Human and then talk to Kisuke.

How To Become Quincy In Peroxide

To become a Quincy, you need to go to Gunther as a Human or a Soul and talk to him.

You can also talk to Yhwach as an Arrancar (with a positive Wandenreich reputation), and he will turn you into a Quincy with a Hollow clan.

For this, you need to be at least level 100, but you will keep all of your stats and level.

How To Unlock Abilities In Peroxide

Every 3 levels, the gear icon above your health will become orange.

Click it, and cards will appear on your screen. Each card is an ability that you click to unlock(INCLUDING CLAN AND SHIKAI/RES/SCHRIFT ABILITIES)

After you unlock an ability, there's a chance you get a card for the ability again, which, when chosen, upgrades your mastery over that ability.

What Is The Stats Cap In Peroxide

The Stat Cap for Utility stats (Agility, Reiatsu) is 140 (154 after Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig) (individually, meaning you can get 140 of both)

The Stat Cap for Combat stats (Vitality, Strength, Spirit) is 490 after beating Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig and 350 before that.

So you can only have, for example, 130 spirits, 240 strength, and 120 vitality before reaching the stat cap (After unlocking Segunda/Bankai/Vollstandig)

There is also a soft cap that scales up the exp required for each stat individually.

The soft cap itself changes depending on which stage of progression you are in.

Why Can't I Level Up Anymore In Peroxide

If you cannot level up anymore in Peroxide, you have either reached the level cap, or you need to get more potential/limitbreak.

Limit breaking is done by killing different Npcs/doing events. The potential is the average of all your stats.

So if you have 20 in every stat, then your potential is 20. Your max level is your potential +5.

If you have 5 potential, then your max level will be 10.(Different for Arrancars)

How Does Stats Scaling Work In Peroxide

Stats scale with the player's level. The higher level you are, the better the scaling. Starts off at level 1 with, for example, 2 health per 1 stat points put into vitality.

The Cap is at level 60 with, for example, 4 health per 1 stat point put into vitality.

How Does Dual Scaling Work In Peroxide

Duo Scale scales with 90% of your highest stat. (e.g.: Instead of adding both stats up to deal large amounts of damage, it only takes your highest stat to deal damage with).

This means Duo Scale moves will have the same amount of damage at max strength builds and max spirit builds.

Duo Scale can also scale with 60% of both stats if it's higher than your highest stat. (e.g.: 60% of strength + 60% of the spirit is higher than 90% of strength)

Does Peroxide Has Perma Death?

No! There is no perma death in Roblox Peroxide.

How To Learn How Many Hollows You Have Killed In Peroxide

To learn the exact number of Hollows you have killed in Roblox Peroxide, you must talk to the NPC named Shady Arrancar.

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