Peroxide Bankai: How To Get And Use

This guide explains how you can get and use the Bankai ability in Roblox's Peroxide.

Here's a guide on how to get Bankai in Roblox Peroxide. | © Peroxide

Inspired by the famous manga and anime Bleach, Peroxide is a roleplaying game that features abilities like Bankai that players can obtain to power up their character.

At the start of the game, players have access to their Shikai moves, and there are certain requirements they must fulfill if they want to attain Bankai.

Since the game doesn't directly detail these requirements, getting the Bankai ability in Peroxide is challenging.

In the wake of that, we are here with a handy guide talking about how to get and use Bankai in Peroxide. So keep reading!

Update: We updated the guide with the latest details on September 20, 2023.

How To Get And Use Bankai In Peroxide

Featured Peroxide Shikai
Here's how you can get Bankai in Peroxide. | © Peroxide

In Peroxide, you can get the Bankai ability by fulfilling the prerequisites and then clearing the Bankai Boss Fight that you can trigger by pressing the 'N' key on your keyboard.

First, fulfill the below requirements, as only then can you trigger the Bankai boss fight in Peroxide:

  1. Become a Soul Reaper
    1. To become a Soul Reaper, you need to become a Soul by dying as a Human and then talking to Kisuke
  2. Obtain your Shikai
    1. You can obtain your Shikai ability by talking to your Zanpakto
  3. Reach Level 85
    1. Keep grinding quests and other such activities until you reach Level 85 in Peroxide.
  4. You must acquire 420 Points
    1. Take part in the following activities to earn Points:
      1. Time Gates
      2. Invasion
      3. Storm Events

Once you meet the above requirements, it is time to trigger the two-phased Bankai boss fight.

Press the 'N' key on your keyboard to talk to Inner Spirit. Once that is done, you will trigger the Bankai boss fight.

Clear it, and you will obtain the Bankai ability in Peroxide. Now, to use your Bankai, you must press the 'G' key on your keyboard when the Bankai bar is full.

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