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Rammus Is The Most OP Champion In Wild Rift's History

Wild Rift's developers revealed that Rammus was the winningest champion the the game has yet seen.

Wild Rift Rammus OP
Rammus was once the most powerful champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Lies, damn lies, and statistics are the way the whole adage goes, but some statistics truly do tell the whole story and one, in particular, has proven just how overpowered Rammus was at one time in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

With the game about to celebrate its second birthday, the developers have been doing a deep statistical dive on the game's champions and have uncovered some pretty interesting facts, including that Rammus was at one point the most OP champion in the game, winning 56.5% of his games.

That was the win rate for the tank jungler during 3.3, though the developers stress he is now "pretty balanced."

Yuumi Was The Biggest Loser

On the flip side, the devs discovered that Yuumi was once the biggest loser, winning just 41.8% of her games during the patch she launched on, 3.0.

Wild Rift champion stats
Yuumi landed in Wild Rift without her claws. | © Riot Games

Yuumi was subsequently buffed and even nerfed as recently as August in patch 3.3b, proving just how difficult it is to balance champions in a game that currently has a roster of over 70 to choose from.

The developers stated aim is to get champions to a 50% win rate, but with different skill levels, game modes, and team compositions, that work involves constant tinkering.

The Most Buffs And Nerfs In Wild Rift History Revealed

Other stats uncovered also highlight how difficult it is to balance champions, with the developers revealing what champions have been most tinkered with.

Mid-laner Zigg has been nerfed more than others, with seven in total. Evelynn, Gragas, and Graves trail slightly behind with five.

Zigg Wild Rift
Ziggs is the champion that has been nerfed the most amount of times in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Meanwhile, tank support Blitzcrank has received the most positive changes, buffed six times in as many patches.

The developers also revealed the most played champions across Wild Rift's almost two-year history, with Yasuo, Master Yi, and Lux boasting the most games played ever.

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