Wild Rift: Patch 3.3b Buffs And Nerfs

Patch 3.3b is coming in hot with a new set of buffs and nerfs! Which Champions and items will be on the receiving end? Let's take a look together!

Patch3 3b Banner
Buffs and nerfs are coming in the Wild Rift Patch 3.3b! | © Riot Games

Riot Games has released all the buffs and nerfs that will be coming to Wild Rift in the upcoming patch 3.3b update! This comes about a month after the release of patch 3.3 in Wild Rift. In this patch, Champions and in-game items line up front and center to receive much-needed changes. But will these changes be effective or completely ruin them? Well, let's go over each and every one of them!

Wild Rift Patch 3.3b Release Date

Wild Rift3 3bpatch
These are all the changes we'll be seeing introduced in patch 3.3b of Wild Rift! | © Riot Games

The buffs and nerfs coming in the Wild Rift patch 3.3b update will be released on August 17, 2022. You can expect these changes to be implemented after a quick server maintenance break.

Champion Buffs

Six Champions will be receiving a buff in the Wild Rift patch 3.3b update: Blitzcrank, Gragas, Nautilus, Tristana, Varus, and Wukong. Here are all the details.


Get ready because Blitzcrank will be getting a buff! | © Riot Games
  • Rocket Grab cooldown reduced from 20/19/18/17 seconds → 18/17/16/15 seconds.


Gragas WR
Gragas will see a buff to three of his abilities in Wild Rift! | © Riot Games
  • Happy Hour Heal ratio increased from 6% maximum health → 7% maximum health.
  • Drunken Rage damage AP ratio increased from 65% → 75%.
  • Body Slam damage AP ratio increased from 60% → 70%.


Nautilus WR
Patch 3.3b will treat Nautilus VERY nicely! | © Riot Games
  • Base movement speed increased from 325 → 330.
  • Dredge Line cooldown reduced from 13/12/11/10 → 12/11/10/9 seconds.
  • Depth Charge Missile acceleration start time reduced from 2.5 seconds → 1 second.
  • Depth Charge cooldown reduced from 70/60/50 seconds → 60/50/40 seconds.


Tristana WR
Tristana will get a buff for the first time in a long time! | © Riot Games
  • Rapid Fire cooldown reduced from 18/17/16/15 seconds → 16/15/14/13 seconds.
  • Explosive Charge cast time reduced from 0.27 seconds → 0.13 seconds.


Varus WR
Varus will come back better and stronger with these buffs! | © Riot Games
  • Living Vengeance duration reworked from 5 seconds → 5/6/7/8 seconds.
  • Blighted Quiver cooldown reworked 25 seconds → 22/20/18/16 seconds.
  • Hail of Arrows cooldown reduced from 16/14/12/10 seconds → 13/12/11/10 seconds.


Wukong WR
Look out for Wukong jumping over walls now! | © Riot Games
  • Warrior Trickster range increased at which this dash can make it over walls.

Champion Nerfs

Five Champions will be receiving a nerf in the Wild Rift patch 3.3b update: Kassadin, Kha'Zix, Lucian, Shyvana, and Yuumi.


Kassadin WR
Kassadin will be taking a health nerf in patch 3.3b! | © Riot Games
  • Base health reduced from 610 → 570.
  • Base health per level reduced from 115 → 105.


Khazix WR
A minor nerf is coming for Kha'Zix! | © Riot Games
  • Taste Their Fear isolated target damage increase will be decreased from 110%→ 100%.


Lucian WR
It's been a while since we saw Lucian get a nerf in Wild Rift! | © Riot Games
  • Piercing Light cooldown increased from 8/7/6/5 seconds → 9.5/8/6.5/5 seconds.


Shyvana WR
Shyvana will be nerfed in two areas! | © Riot Games
  • Base health per level reduced from 115→ 105.
  • Burnout damage reduced from 30/45/60/75 → 25/40/55/70.


Yuumi WR
Yuumi is the last Champion to get nerfed in patch 3.3b! | © Riot Games
  • Bop 'n' Block shield reduced from 85~435 → 60~410.
  • Zoomies heal reduced from 80/120/160/200 → 60/100/140/180.

System/Item Buffs

Three items will be receiving a buff in the Wild Rift patch 3.3b update: Giant Slayer, Demolish, and Nimbus Cloak. Here are all the details:

Giant Slayer

Giant Slayer WR
The Giant Slayer rune will be getting a buff! | © Riot Games
  • Bonus damage increased from 1% bonus damage per 100 bonus max health, up to 10% (1000 bonus max health)→ 2% bonus damage per 100 bonus max health, up to 10% (500 bonus max health).


Demolish WR
Get more health damage with the Demolish buff! | © Riot Games
  • Maximum health damage increased from 200+25% Max Health →200+30% Max Health.

Nimbus Cloak

Nimbus Cloak WR
Go faster with the Nimbus Cloak buff! | © Riot Games
  • Duration increased from 2 seconds → 3 seconds.
  • Movement speed increased from 5-35% → 10-40%.

System/Item Nerfs

Two items will be receiving a nerf in the Wild Rift patch 3.3b update: Exhaust and Nullifying Orb. Here are the details:


  • Range decreased from 7 → 5.

Nullifying Orb

Nullifying Orb WR
Your shield will be less powerful with this Nullifying Orb nerf... | © Riot Games
  • Shield power decreased from 80 + 50% Bonus AD + 30% AP → 60 + 50% bonus AD + 30% AP.

Jungle Changes

Elder Dragon Wild Rift
The Dragons will be getting some minor reworks in patch 3.3b! | © Riot Games

There were four changes introduced in patch 3.3b that will shake up how jungling works in Wild Rift. These changes are:

  • Mountain Dragon armor and magic resistance reduced from 6+3%/12+6%/18+9% →3+2%/6+4%/12+8%.
  • Infernal Dragon ability power and attack damage scale reworked from 4%/8%/12% →3%/6%/12%.
  • Ocean Dragon missing health regeneration per 5 seconds reduced from 3%/6%/9% →2%/4%/8%.
  • Elder Dragon Buff burn damage per second increased from 60 → 100.

Turret Changes

Turrets Wild Rift
Turrets are getting some changes in patch 3.3b too! | © Riot Games

A series of turret changes were also implemented in patch 3.3b. These are:

  • Turret Plating end time increased from 6:30 minutes →7:00 minutes.
  • Mid Lane and Baron Lane Turrets changed from +50 Armor resist and Magic resist for the first 3 minutes →+50 Armor resist and Magic resist for the first 2 minutes.
  • Outer Turrets attack damage scaled reworked from 182~332 → 200~325.
  • Turret anti-siege mechanism expiration decreased from the first 6:30 minutes →5 minutes, the turret will gain bonus resistances when there are multiple nearby enemy champions. (2 Champions = 10 armor/magic resist; 3 Champions = 50; 4 Champions = 150; 5 Champions = 250).

Read the full details of the Wild Rift patch 3.3b notes here.

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