Asphalt 9 Devs Reveal New Greenland Track

Greenland will be the location of the newest track in Asphalt 9! Let's the a look at the details and how the track will look like.

Greenland will be a new track in Asphalt 9 Bring the Heat season Gameloft
Greenland will be a new track in Asphalt 9! | © Gameloft

The newest track coming to Asphalt 9 has been revealed! As part of the new Bring the Heat season, massive new changes will be coming to the game including new cars, multiplayer changes, driver's syndicate, and a new Clash shop! But, a brand new track will also be introduced and we now know its location is in Greenland!

Previously, developers Gameloft had teased players with several blurry images that made many believe that the new track would be located in Iceland due to previous games having tracks in the Nordic country. However, we were all proven wrong when the full details of the new season confirmed the new track to be in Greenland.

Let's take a look at it!

Ice And Snow On The Surface...

Greenland new track Bring the Heat season asphalt 9
Nothing but ice and snow on the track... | © Gameloft

An overview of the new track shows us miles of rolling mountains and open roads. There don't appear to be any daredevil jumps or ramps that we're used to in sight on any of the still track photos. But, don't count this track out just yet, there's more than meets the eye.

If you've already seen the other track photos, you'll know exactly what we're talking about!

Here Comes The Lava...

Snow and lava will meet in this massive Asphalt 9 track! Bring the Heat season Gameloft
Get close and personal with lava in this massive Asphalt 9 track! | © Gameloft

From the previous blurry track photos, you might be thinking that we would be getting two separate tracks considering the stark differences between snow and lava, but you'll be sorely mistaken as it'll be just one massive track! In response to this misconception, Gameloft replied with:

That means that at some point in the Greenland track, we'll be taken from a serene snowy racing surface to an underground track surrounded by scorching heat and mounds of falling lava! It's an insane change of scenery that goes to show that the devs meant it when they mentioned that the new track will be "the best of both worlds."

Icy Cliffside Mayhem

We'll be passing by massive cargo boats in the new Greenland track asphalt 9 Bring the Heat season
We'll be passing by massive cargo boats in the new Greenland track! | © Gameloft

There's more! So far, we've been taken past the scenic routes of the flat mountainside roads and underground to meet lava waterfalls. But that's not all that the devs have in store for us in the new Greenland track. We'll also be racing past active cargo ships on choppy waters just like the Ghost Ships track in Scotland. And would Gameloft be bringing the heat like the new season's name suggests if they didn't introduce a little chaos by placing ice cliffs beside the track? Well, that's exactly what they did and we can only expect mayhem.

Altogether, the new Greenland track promises to be one amazing ride when the new season drops. Though an official release date for the new season has yet to be revealed, we still can't wait!

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