Asphalt 9 Devs Tease New Iceland Track

Gameloft has released another sneak peek that could see a potential return of Iceland to Asphalt 9: Legends! Let's take a look at the release date, art, and track details!

Lava Theme new track asphalt 9 legends gameloft
We could be seeing a return of an infamous old track in Asphalt 9. | © Gameloft

A new track could be coming to Asphalt 9 soon! In a post teasing this track, we've been gifted with a blurry image showing the track's layout that has left many wondering where in the world we could be racing some of our favorite cars. This is the first time that Gameloft has released a revealing image that even yet, discloses no real information about the location of the new track.

We know you're excited about this development so we'll tell you all about the release date and track details!

Release Date

There has been no official release date from Gameloft yet. The most recent track released to Asphalt 9 was the stunning Auckland, New Zealand track which featured ten different variations in mid-July, 2021. With this date in mind, we believe that the new track will be released a year later some time in July 2022 too.

Update: New Track Will Likely Be In Iceland

We're heading to Iceland in the new Asphalt 9 track! After another blurry photo released from the Gameloft team over the weekend, we see what is very obviously snow, trees, and white-capped mountain peaks:

Initially, it was a tossup between Hawaii and Iceland as potential destinations for the new track. However, after seeing the snow and lava - both of which are hallmarks of the Icelandic landscape - we can safely say that Iceland will be the location!

This hasn't been officially confirmed by the devs yet, but all clues seem to point to this Nordic country that will certainly offer the best of both worlds!

Where Will The Track Be?

The devs have remained tight-lipped after dropping the teaser image on Twitter depicting a blurred-out image of a track. This is all that we have to work with:

Several theories have begun circulating about the location of this mystery track. However, we've boiled it down to two likely scenarios. Let's take a look at them!

Theory One: Iceland

Iceland is the most likely theory regarding the new track's location. This can be predicted after considering the teaser colors and Gameloft's track release history in previous Asphalt games.

If you pay close attention to the teaser image, you'll notice the swaths of "falling" orange are very clearly lava. The location is also dimly lit - almost as if the track is underground - with what appears to be large stalactites hanging from the ceiling. All these features are oddly reminiscent of the Reykjavik map from Asphalt 7: Heat.

Reykjavik Iceland Asphalt 7 Track
We could see a return of the infamous Reykjavik track from Asphalt 7! | © Gameloft

In Asphalt 7, there were a series of tracks based in Iceland with one, in particular, being the lava-themed track above. This might be a long shot but Gameloft has a history of developing tracks in Iceland. Not only in Asphalt 7, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline saw a Reykjavik track and there was Vatnsdalsvegur, another Iceland-based track in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

Given Gameloft's record of track releases in the same country over the span of three games, we believe that Iceland is the most likely location for the new track.

Theory Two: Hawaii

Honolulu Hawaii Asphalt 7 track Gameloft
Honolulu from Asphalt 7 could also be the location of the new track! | © Gameloft

A less likely theory would be Hawaii. In Asphalt 7, there was a track located in the state capital, Honolulu, which features a straight that took players underground, offering sights of the lava streams. We might see Gameloft expand on this idea as Hawaii is home to several volcanoes that could potentially be the home of this mystery track.

After the recent reveal of the new snow-themed picture from the Gameloft team, we believe Hawaii is no longer a potential location for the new Asphalt 9 track.

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