Asphalt 9 McLaren Speedtail: Stats, Ranks, Upgrade Costs, More

The Speedtail is the best-performing car out of all the McLaren cars available in Asphalt 9. In honor of its power, we've decided to go over its stats, costs, rank ratings, and how you can unlock it!

McLaren Speedtail Asphalt 9: Legends Car Gameloft Explained
The McLaren Speedtail is an absolute beast! | © Gameloft

The McLaren Speedtail is an average-stat, class S, Epic-type car that was added to Asphalt 9 in the British season update in August 2020. It's a powerful car that boasts the style and speed you expect from McLaren. The British car is a fan favorite despite its release two years ago, as it's still talked about today, even amongst newer players.

The McLaren Speedtail Starway event recently arrived in Asphalt 9, and the hype around the car has returned, as this new event means there was an opportunity, once again, to unlock this highly sought-after car.

And this car certainly warrants all the excitement as it has some hugely impressive stats underpinning its popularity. To learn more, keep reading.

Performance Stats

The McLaren Speedtail has only three slots in its fuel storage with a rather lengthy refill time of six hours. Here are its other performance stats:

RankAccelerationTop Speed







Blueprints And Ranks

As mentioned before, the McLaren Speedtail has relatively average stats compared to other Class S cars. Despite that, it ranks higher than the other Class S McLaren car - the Senna - in the overall rating per rank. The higher the rating, the higher the number of Blueprints required to upgrade the car.

These are the respective Rank ratings and Blueprints required per rank for the McLaren Speedtail:

RankRank RatingBlueprints



Upgrade Costs

The costs to upgrade the McLaren Speedtail are no joke, as an upgrade for this car will set you back a good amount of credits.

Here's the rundown of the total upgrade costs per stage:

StageTotal Cost
092,000 credits
1150,000 credits
2240,000 credits
3360,000 credits
4520,000 credits
5728,000 credits
61,020,000 credits
71,426,000 credits
81,998,000 credits
92,796,000 credits
103,916,000 credits
115,480,000 credits
129,000,000 credits

If you decide to upgrade the McLaren Speedtail in Asphalt 9 to its max stage, it will cost you 27,726,000 credits!

How To Unlock

Unfortunately, the McLaren Speedtail was available to unlock during the McLaren Speedtail special event in the British season update.

Starway McLaren Speedtail Asphalt 9: Legends Event Gameloft
The McLaren Speedtail was available in Asphalt 9 during the Starway event! | © Gameloft

However, the Gameloft team was kind enough to introduce a McLaren Speedtail Starway event on July 7, 2022. To those unfamiliar with a Starway event, it is a limited-time event introduced to Asphalt 9 in the New Breed Rivals update, in which players can win blueprints to unlock previous special event vehicles.

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