Asphalt 9 Legends: Guide To Nitro

Nitro is an incredibly fundamental feature of Gameloft's popular Asphalt 9: Legends game. A simple boost can mean the difference between winning and losing a race. So here's our guide on how to properly use Nitro.

Shockwave Nitro in action in Asphalt 9: Legends
Ride the Nitro boost to victory! | © Gameloft

Nitro has been in the Asphalt games from the very beginning. Since the release of Asphalt Urban GT in 2004, fans of the franchise have consistently pushed this precious resource to its maximum. Some with more success than others. Regardless, Nitro has evolved over the years, and we've seen this aspect give us phenomenal wins and also heart-breaking last-second losses.

In the latest installation, Asphalt 9: Legends gives us four types of Nitro: Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Purple.

Level 1 Nitro (Yellow)

The lowest level of Nitro comes out in a yellow shimmer when activated. It's a singular, small boost of acceleration to your overall speed.

A9 Yellow Nitro
The yellow Level 1 Nitro only gives a small boost | © Gameloft

It's useful in times when you need to overtake the car in front of you, take on a gentle curve, or maintain your maximum straight-line speed. However, it's not powerful enough to carry your car over rough terrain like grass and sidewalks.

Perfect Nitro (Blue)

As we ascend higher up, we'll find that we've reached the Blue Nitro. Otherwise known as Perfect Nitro, it's perfect for tackling turns and maintaining speed on rough terrain. These can last for around 5 seconds so strategize with this boost well.

Dodge Challenger 392 using Blue Nitro
Dodge Challenger 392 using Blue Nitro. | © GodSonu via YouTube

Perfect Nitros are notoriously difficult to execute. If you have played Asphalt 8: Airborne, you should be familiar with how this is triggered. But for the uninitiated, you first need to hit the Nitro button. Wait until the Nitro bar decreases and reaches the blue line. At that moment, you have to hit the Nitro button for the second time to activate the Perfect Nitro.

Keep in mind that this boost can make cars difficult to control, so ensure that you have a steady grip over your car. Perfect Nitro doesn't provide significant boost mid-air.

Level 2 Nitro (Orange)

Upgrading from the previous two is the Orange Level 2 Nitro. It's an imperfect boost that will provide significant acceleration on both the ground and mid-air. Regardless of its imperfect nature, it's still an incredible boost on sharp turns and more patchy areas.

A9 Orange Nitro
The Orange Boost in action. | © ZaYn via YouTube

Orange Nitro can be activated by double-tapping the Nitro button. It's a short but supremely powerful boost, so plan accordingly to when you'd need that brief burst. Professional Asphalt players love to use this boost right before they hit the air so that their mid-air speed is higher than others.

Shockwave Nitro (Purple)

The best Nitro available in Asphalt 9 is Shockwave. It's a popular return from Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and Asphalt 7: Heat. it's iconic purple, this provides the maximum amount of acceleration boost.

Mitsubushi Lancer Evolution in Asphalt 9 using Shockwave Nitro
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution in Asphalt 9 using Shockwave Nitro. | © Gameloft

When the Nitro gauge is full, double-tap the Nitro button to activate it. It's best used to reach your car's top speed. It's especially useful after crashing, getting knocked down, respawning, or getting out of sharp turns like the Exit of the Cairo 360 Turn.

How Do You Get Nitro?

There are three main actions to get Nitro. The first way is Drift. Simply tap the Drift button to do so. Drifting is arguably the slowest way to build up your Nitro bar. The longer the drift, the higher the recharge.

Secondly, you can collect Nitro cans available on the race track. Keep an eye out for them, especially if you're not using the TouchDrive assistant. If you are, keep stock of the Nitro symbols that appear.

The last way is to perform stunts like 360 turns and Barrel Rolls. To execute the former, just double-tap the drift button. For the latter, there are ramps scattered across maps. Hitch a ride on one of them not just to catch some air but to also get a massive boost in your Nitro bar.