Hank Has Been Severely Nerfed In The Latest Brawl Stars Update

After dominating the Brawl Stars meta, the devs have deployed a new set of balance changes that significantly nerf the game's newest brawler, Hank.

Hank Nerf Brawl Stars
Was it any surprise that Hank would be nerfed in Brawl Stars? | © Supercell

When Hank joined Brawl Stars, he quickly established himself as arguably one of the best brawlers in the game.

His ability to tank in tight close combat and deal widespread AOE damage meant that Hank was essentially an all-around perfect brawler.

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Unfortunately, his superiority also meant that he was too powerful for the current meta and was virtually unstoppable. So, Supercell stepped in and unleashed a scathing set of nerfs for Hank.

Hank Brawl Stars
These nerfs are a little brutal. | © Supercell

Hank's nerfs were:

  • Main attack damage has decreased from 2,000 → 1,800.
  • Base HP has decreased from 6,000 → 5,000.

Alongside this, several bugs needed to be fixed. This included:

  • A bug where Hank was getting too much power from damage buff sources (such as Power Cubes and Gears etc.).
  • Fixed Hank’s Super damage scaling when upgrading the Brawler.
  • A bug which occurred when Hank used the Super right on top of a Brawler and dealt more damage than it was supposed to.
  • Hank’s Super charge now scales according to the damage dealt.
  • Fixed Hank’s VO when receiving damage.

As it stands, these nerfs will obviously decrease Hank's power levels. However, we don't think it's enough to stop players from picking him. Hank, after all, is the game's latest brawler, so there are many players out there who want to experiment with him and test out different strategies.

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