Brawl Stars Season 14: All New Skins

Season 14 of Brawl Stars will introduce eight new skins and a remodel of the Robots. Check it out now!

Robot Factory Skins Brawl Stars
Season 14 will introduce 8 new skins to Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Return to the Wild West in Season 14: Robot Factory! Supercell recently unveiled two new Brawlers and a flurry of other changes that will be coming to Brawl Stars in the new season. But amongst the big updates are the new skins!

Supercell showed off eight new skins and the long-awaited Robot remodels in the recent Brawl Talk. Want to know what they look like? Let's dive into that!

Brawl Stars Season 14 - New Skins

Skins Overview Brawl Stars
Eight new skins are coming to Brawl Stars in Season 14! | © Supercell (via u/krysert on Reddit)

As we mentioned before, Season 14 will introduce eight new skins to Brawl Stars. There are multiple different ways you can obtain each of these brand-new skins. So, let's go over each one of them and how you can get them!

Caesar Sam

Caesar Sam Brawl Star
Show everyone who's the boss with Sam's new Caesar Sam skin! | © Supercell

Brawl Star's newest Chromatic Brawler, Sam, will get a Caesar Sam skin which will only be available at the last tier of the Brawl Pass for Season 14.

Desperado Poco

Desperado Poco Brawl Stars
Take on enemies in Poco's new Wild-West-inspired Desperado skin! | © Supercell

Poco's new Desperado Poco skin will only be available in Season 14's Brawl Pass.

Lawless Lola

Lawless Lola Brawl Stars
Complete the Calamity gang with Lola's new Lawless Lola skin! | © Supercell

Lola will be receiving a Lawless Lola skin as part of the Power League skin. Compete in Brawl Stars' Power League to unlock this skin.


Crowbone Brawl Stars
Crow will join Lola with his Calamity Gang skin: Crowbone! | © Supercell

Crow will be receiving a Crowbone skin in Season 14 that can be purchased from the in-game shop with Gems.

Moon Bunny Squeak

Moon Bunny Squeak Brawl Stars
Celebrate the Moon Festival with the new Moon Bunny Squeak skin! | © Supercell

Squeak will be getting a Moon Bunny Squeak skin in Season 14 as part of the Moon Festival in Asia.

You can obtain the Moon Bunny Squeak skin by purchasing it from the in-game store with Gems. Besides this, Brawl Stars creators will be hosting multiple giveaways of this skin. Simply search up the hashtag, #BunnySqueakGiveaway, on YouTube or any other social media platform to read the participation rules for the respective creator giveaways.

Stonks Pam

Stonks Pam Brawl Stars
Pam will take on the market with her new Stonks Pam skin! | © Supercell

Supercell is embracing the meme life by giving Pam a Stonks Pam skin in Season 14 which they promise will make sense later. You will be able to purchase this skin from the in-game store with Gems.

Mecha Mortis

Mecha Mortis Brawl Stars
Mecha Mortis is Brawl Stars' new 299 Gem skin bundle! | © Supercell

Mortis will be getting a Mecha Mortis skin bundle in Season 14. This skin can be purchased from the in-game shop for 299 Gems. It will come with custom voiceovers and visual effects.

If you purchase the Mecha Mortis skin during the release month, you will get his Spray, profile picture, and a whole set of skin-exclusive Pins for free. On top of that, you will unlock two color variations that can be purchased from the shop for 49 Gems each.

Trick Or Treat Leon

Trick Or Treat Leon Brawl Stars
Spook everyone with the new Trick or Treat Leon skin! | © Supercell

Leon will get a Trick or Treat skin in Season 14 that will be available in Brawl Stars around Halloween. You will be able to purchase this skin from the in-game shop with Gems.

Supercell revealed that there will be other Halloween-themed skins but they will come in a different update.

Brawl Stars Season 14 - Robot Remodels

Robot Remodels Brawl Stars
The Robots have never looked better than in Brawl Stars season 14! | © Supercell

Over the weeks, there have been rumors rumbling about Supercell potentially introducing a remodel of the Robots' design. We can now safely say that that is true as Season 14 will introduce a new Robot design that will be "more polished, shiny, and Brawly!"

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