Builder Base To Get Massive Rework In Clash Of Clans

Supercell will be introducing a complete rework of the Builder Base game mode in Clash of Clans next year.

Builder Base2 0 Banner
Supercell will be reworking the Builder Base in Clash of Clans soon. | © Supercell

The Builder Base is a unique game mode that's separate from the usual grind of the Home Village in Clash of Clans. It has a simple design with no clans, no clan wars, no Clan Capital, and a small pool of troops. You needed to master your limited resources to win games and earn rewards.

However, the Builder Base has fallen by the wayside recently, with Community Manager Darian admitting that it needed to be changed one day. Well, that day is now. Supercell has recently announced that the Builder Base will be getting a complete rework in 2023.

This rework will hone in on reinforcing the best things about the Builder base, such as the focused tactical fun, the improvisation that goes into battle strategy, and the base layout freedoms players get due to the limited base defenses.

But this rework will also address a few key problems.

The Problems Getting Fixed In The Builder Base Rework

Clashof Clans Builder Base
The Builder Base has several issues at the moment. | © Supercell

There are three problems Supercell believes the Builder Base is facing at the moment: it gets less fun as the base gets bigger, it's not rewarding to play well, and it's not convenient to play.

Let's break down what each of these problems describes.

As the Builder Base gets bigger, the valued "focused, tactical fun" aspect of the game mode begins to disappear. The higher you climb the rankings, the more the meta loves to stack defenses at the center of the base leading to what the devs call a "death ball." This results in most players mindlessly sending "spammy all-in attacks" that require no strategy at all.

Builder Base Packed
Builder Bases get packed with base defenses the higher you climb levels. | © Supercell

Because of the lack of strategy, playing the game mode becomes less rewarding. There is no room for tactical attacks or experimentation in battle anymore. In that sense, there is no adaptability in the Builder Base, as you are forced to go with the meta or continuously lose. This goes against one of Supercell's treasured values in this game mode.

Forcing players to adapt to this singular playstyle if they want to win battles makes playing the Builder Base game mode unenjoyable. On top of that, the long wait times and the large number of wins needed to get the daily bonus makes playing the entire game mode inconvenient to most.

Supercell is still withholding information on what the rework will introduce, but they spared a single detail: the rework will remove Versus Battles in Builder Base. There will be a different format for day-to-day attacks.

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