Clash Of Clans Teases Massive Arcade Crossover For 10 Year Anniversary

Supercell recently released a video teasing a potential arcade version of Clash of Clans that could be coming as part of its 10-year anniversary!

Clash of Clans could be an arcade game in the 10 year anniversary! Supercell
Clash of Clans could be an arcade game on its 10-year anniversary! | © Supercell

Can you believe it's been ten years since Supercell first released Clash of Clans? In previous anniversaries, we received a bunch of new skins, sceneries, in-game items, and even events. However, for the ten-year anniversary, we're expecting this special 'Clashiversary' to be something completely different.

Supercell definitely didn't disappoint if you've seen the teaser video they recently released:

Clash of Clans will be celebrating its ten-year anniversary on August 2, 2022. With only a week left and this massive announcement, there is a lot to unpack about what we might see in the game when that time comes. It certainly helps that Supercell dropped many big clues in this teaser video, so we're going to cover all that!

Clash Of Clans Retro 10-Year Anniversary Makeover

From the video, a Barbarian looks incredibly out of place as his fellow pals run all around him, setting up the decorations for the anniversary. Somewhere along the way, he's left as an outcast of the village and stumbles upon an electrical cable that, when plugged, transports him into an unknown arcade game.

Supercell have changed their social media icons to a retro drawing of the Barbarian! Supercell
Supercell has changed its social media icons to a retro design of the Barbarian! | © Supercell

Going solely by face value, we could expect Clash of Clans to take a dramatic design overhaul to resemble more closely to the 8-bit art and layout of past arcade games. This could mean new sceneries, skins, and even events centered around this arcade theme. This is further supported by the fact that Supercell has changed its icons across all the Clash of Clans' social media accounts to a retro design of the Barbarian.

However, there's a bigger clue you might've missed that could be bigger than anything we've ever seen before in Clash of Clans...

Potential Clash Of Clans x Street Fighter x Pac-Man Crossover Event

We could see a Clash of Clans crossover event with Pac-Man and Street Fighter! Supercell
We could see a Clash of Clans crossover event with Pac-Man and Street Fighter! | © Supercell

If you look closely at the wide shot of the arcade games, we can clearly see the 'Clash' console in the middle alongside other games like Street Fighter and Pac-Man. Are Supercell teasing a potential collaboration or crossover event with these famous game titles? We believe so. Games and their likeness can't be inserted into any promotional marketing content without the game developer's permission. That is unless they're in on the promotion, which is the more likely option in this case.

It would be a surprising crossover for sure. However, for a game as massive as Clash of Clans that continuously sets the benchmark for other mobile games, the sky's the limit in terms of collaborations and crossover events.

This is still a developing story, so we'll update this article once more information becomes available!

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