Clash of Clans: GoWiBo Army Guide

There are many viable army compositions currently in Clash of Clans. But, there is one that always works in spite of any meta - the infamous GoWiBo army. Here's a handy guide on how to use it!

Golem Witches Bowlers Army Guide Clash of Clans
Who's ready for an old school beating in Clash of Clans? | © Supercell

What's not to love about Golems, Witches, and Bowlers? Put them all together in your army and you'll get the GoWiBo combo! It's an incredibly powerful composition of troops that is a timeless classic in the Clash of Clans community.

When used correctly, the GoWiBo army can easily steamroll over your opponent and get you those three Stars that any Chief and Clan would dream of seeing in any raid. Let's dive into the army composition, suitable substitutes and the overall strategy!

Army Composition

This deck is mainly geared towards Town Hall 10 where buildings such as the Army Camp and Spell Fatory have been upgraded to their maximum level. The GoWiBo army consists of:

  • 3 Golems
  • 10 Witches
  • 5 Bowlers
  • 2 Heal spells
  • 3 Rage spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • Optional: Bowlers and Freeze Spells with Wall Wrecker Siege Machine as Clan Castle reinforcements.

This troop composition will maximize your housing space as altogether, it will come up to 240 Housing Capacity and 11 spells.

GoWibo Deck Clash of Clans Supercell Guide
This is how the GoWiBo army should look like! | © Supercell

The GoWiBo army used to be especially taxing on your Dark Elixir collection. However, witht the recent update that Supercell implemented that completely eliminates troop training cost, this army composition has become more than viable in the current meta


What makes the GoWiBo army extremely effective for multiplayer attacks and Clan Wars is its simplicity in execution. All it requires is a good distribution funnel from the tanky Golems before you deploy the Witches and Bowlers. Here's a breakdown of how the ideal attack would look like:

  1. Initiate the attack by deploying your Golems spread out across one side of the square arena. As Golems target base defenses, they will immediately attack the walls which those defenses are placed behind. Ensure to spread the Golems out on that one side as spreading them on three sides would lead to a less concentrated funnel of troops.
  2. Shortly after deploying you three Golems, deploy three Witches behind each Golem so they can start spawning wave of Skeletons that can destroy buildings or start aiding the Golems in destroying Walls. There will be an odd Witch left out so add that Witch to whichever Golem would require that support the most.
  3. You may now start deploying your Champions to further increase your damage output.
  4. IF you have a Wall Wrecker, deploy it now. It will absolutely demolish Walls. Since this Siege Machine will go straight towards your opponent's Town Hall, it's best to deploy it AFTER your deploy the Golems as they will serve as a distraction while the big-hitting Wall Wrecker will slowly make its way towards the enemy Town Hall, thus creating a better funnel for your troops.
  5. From there, you can start deploying your Bowlers. Since their attacks can travel over walls, they will do an incredible job of clearing base defenses still hiding behind those pesky Walls. Deploy them where necessary.
  6. Unlike Troops, there is no "scheduled" time to deploy Spells. Deploy them where you see fit, but these notes in mind. Rage Spells are good for boosting the damage output of your troops, hence if you find yourself in a position where you need it, especially near the centre of the base, deploy it. Healing Spells are best use on the Golems as they are your most important troop to heal due their tanking ability. Freeze Spells are good to pause incoming damage from high damage base defenses like singe-target Inferno Towers, X-Bows, high-level Champions, or enemy Clan Castle Reinforcements.

If you follow these steps, a three-Star victory will surely be in sight as the combination of the high-damage output of these troops and the swarm-like style of the attack strategy will surely overwhelm even the heartiest of base defenses and layouts.

Eagle Artillery Clash of Clans GoWiBo Guide
Eagle Artilleries counter the GoWiBo army HARD! | © Supercell

Altogether, the GoWiBo army is particularly effective at taking out Town Halls level 10 and under. Attacking a level 11 Town and above may prove difficult due as that is when the Eagle Artillery is unlocked. This base defense is an incredibly powerful counter to swarm armies.

Troop And Spell Alternatives

Variations GoWiBo Army Guide
PEKKAs, Poison Spell and Jump Spells are good alternatives for this deck! | © Supercell

The GoWiBo army is not a perfect fit for every Clasher's playing style. Like with every army composition, there can be some changes that can be made to tailor the army to meet your demands as well as the meta at hand. We've got you covered with some trusty alternatives that can be included in the army composition. These are:

  • GoWiPe: This is a variation of the GoWiBo where by the Golems, Witches, and Bowlers are replaced with PEKKAs, Wizards, Archers, and Wall Breakers. It was highly successful in the past and is yet to be seen if it will be competitive after the recent Troop Training changes. It is best to have at least three Golems and PEKKAs as well as eight Wall Breaker. The rest of the Housing Space can be filled with any number of Wizards and Archers. Rage, Heal, and Freeze Spells are kept with the same quantity for each.
  • Poison Spell: Freeze Spells for in-house Spells and Clan Reinforcements can be substituted with Poison Spells. This is especially useful against enemy Clan Castle Reinforcements. The meta nowadays has seen that the usual Reinforcements would be Balloons - air units for which the GoWiBo army isn't exactly good at targeting. Hence, the addition of Poison Spells would effectively counter them.
  • Jump Spell: A single Jump Spell can replace one of the three Rage Spells in the regular GoWiBo army. Certain players like to include this as it allows Golems to jump over Walls and immediately start attacking Base Defenses. Though it doesn't introduce a massive advantage, it can prove useful especially with higher HP Walls.

That is all for our complete guide to the GoWiBo army. Until we release a new Clash of Clans army guide, feel free to check out our other guides: