Clash of Clans Dev Update (July 2022)

Supercell is back with a new update for July 2022! Quality of life improvements are the name of the game for this month's update. Let's check it out!

Dev 2022 Updates Clash of Clans july 2022
The July 2022 dev updates are here! | © Supercell

The Supercell team have taken stock of the community's wishes and compiled them all into the July 2022 Clash of Clans update! In a quick video from Community Manager Darian, we caught all the new quality of life improvements that, by the time you're reading this, have already been implemented in the game.

Don't be fooled by the shortness of the video - there's a lot to unpack here! So, here's a quick rundown of each individual change that's already in the game.

Clan Capital

Forge Potion June 2022 Dev Update Clash of Clans
You can now create MORE Capital Gold in the Forge! | © Supercell

The entire objective of the Clan Capital mode is to create a thriving community where each member can contribute to the Clan's development. Hence, there have been several Capital Clan-related quality of life improvements to help achieve this:

  • Capital Forge Improvement: Builder Potions will now work on the Forge which will allow Clashers to now speed up the manufacturing rate of Capital Gold.
  • Clan Capital District Challenges: Clans can now create District-friendly Challenges during a Raid Weekend for layouts that have not been changed during that particular weekend.
  • Clan Capital Housing Space notification: When initiating an attack during a Capital Raid Weekend, a red-text notification will now appear on-screen if you haven't utilized the full Housing Space limit for you army.
  • Trade Improvements: If an item is out of stock at the Trader, these items will now have a much more visible label indicating that these items are sold-out (replacing the greyed-out design).
Clan Capital Attack June 2022 Dev Update Clash of Clans
You'll now be able to see your remaining number of attacks above the airship! | © Supercell
  • Clan Raid Weekend Attack notification: Previously, trying to determine how many Capital Raid attacks you have left requires you to visit the Clan Capital. The July 2022 update will now show the number of remaining attacks above the airship.
  • Medal Distribution: In the previous system, Medals were rewarded equally amongst all Clan members. The update will now change by ensuring that the distribution of Medals are based on the number of attacks each Clan member has performed.

Home Village Improvements

Home is where the heart is! Supercell recognized this and has introduced a slew of massive changes that are coming to the Home Village. Here they are:

  • Zero Troop Training Costs: Basically, all Training Costs for Troops, Spells, and Siege Machines are removed. Training time and Housing Space limitations will still be present in the game. We covered these changes in a separate article that you can read here.
  • Elixir Cost Changes: With the excess of Elixir Clashers will now save from the Zero Troop Training Costs, the July 2022 will now see that Walls can be upgraded with Elixir starting at Town Hall 5 (previously starting at Level 7 Walls). Clan Castles will also now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold.
Remove All button troop training Dev update 2022 Clash of Clans
You can now remove all Troops with a click of a button! | © Supercell
  • Remove All Button: The previous method of individually removing each unit from your Troop list is tiring so the devs have introduced this button so that you can remove ALL of the Troops at your Camps.
  • Super Troop Quick Donations: Clashers will now be able to donate Super Troops with Gems even if you don't have that particular Super Troop activated. The only requirement is that you have access to the Super Troop (therefore, only units you can Activate). One-Gem Troop donations will work with this while still rewarding any Season Pass or Clan Perks associated with Troop donating.
Village Scenery Randomizer Dev Update June 2022 Clash of Clans Supercell
Village Sceneries can now be randomized! | © Supercell
  • Scenery Randomizer: Working the same way as the Skin Randomizer, this purely aesthetic change will install a "Randomizer" button that will apply any Village Scenery you have to your Village
  • National Flags: ALL National Flags will be removed with the introduction of this update. The devs stated that they wanted to separate any real-world references from the fictional Clash universe.

That is all we have for the July 2022 dev update for Clash of Clans. There's much more news around so check it out: