Four Hero Pets Coming To Clash Of Clans In Town Hall 15

Supercell has unveiled four new Hero Pets that will be coming to Clash of Clans in the Town Hall 15 update. Here's a look at all of them and their respective stats.

Town Hall15 Pets
Four new Hero Pets will arrive in Clash of Clans with the Town Hall 15 update! | © Supercell

The Town Hall 15 update will introduce four new pets to Clash of Clans: Diggy, Frosty, Pheonix, and Poison Lizard. These adorable little beasts will attach themselves to a select Hero and aid them in their path of destruction during battle.

Like the first batch of Hero Pets introduced to Clash of Clans in Town Hall 14, these four Hero Pets will each have their own set of abilities that can either deal damage, heal, or tank damage for their fellow Hero. Let's go over each of them and what they do to help you in battle.

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 Hero Pets - Frosty

Frosty Frozen COC
Slow down your enemies with Frosty's frozen attacks. | © Supercell

Frosty is a single-target, ranged Hero Pet that can slow down enemies with its icy breath. It will bring Frostmite - hitchhiking balls of ice - that will attack and slow enemy defenses. Frosty can target both ground and air units.

Frosty can be unlocked at level 5 of the Pet House.

Here are Frosty's stats in detail:

LevelUpgrade costUpgrade timeHPDPSNumber of Frostmites
2215,000 Dark Elixir3 days2,450981
3225,000 Dark Elixir4 days2,5501021
4235,000 Dark Elixir5 days2,6501061
5245,000 Dark Elixir5.5 days2,8001102
6255,000 Dark Elixir6 days2,9001142
7265,000 Dark Elixir6.5 days3,0001182
8275,000 Dark Elixir7 days3,1001222
9285,000 Dark Elixir7.5 days


10295,000 Dark Elixir

8 days


Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 Hero Pets - Diggy

Diggy Co C
Dig your way to victory with Diggy! | © Supercell

Diggy is a tanky, single-target Hero Pet that can only target ground units. It does this by burrowing underground to pop out and stun and attack nearby units (like the Miner). If Diggy's Hero is knocked out during battle, it will search the map for a nearby Hero to bond itself to.

Diggy can be unlocked at level 6 of the Pet House.

Here's a look at Diggy's stats in detail:

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPS

Stun Duration

2220,000 Dark Elixir3 days3,8001102
3230,000 Dark Elixir4 days3,9501152
4240,000 Dark Elixir54,1001202
5250,000 Dark Elixir5.5 days4,2501252.5
6260,000 Dark Elixir6 days4,4001302.5
7270,000 Dark Elixir6.5 days4,5501352.5
8280,000 Dark Elixir7 days4,7001402.5
9290,000 Dark Elixir7.5 days4,8501452.5
10300,000 Dark Elixir8 days5,0001503

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 Hero Pets - Poison Lizard

Poison Lizard
Deal poison damage to your enemies with the Poison Lizard. | © Supercell

Poison Lizard is a single-target damage dealer whose quick poison attacks can slow down enemies. Its favorite target is Heroes and troops, but if none are nearby, the Poison Lizard will assist its Hero in dealing damage to buildings (though its poison will not affect them). It can attack both air and ground units

The Poison Lizard can be unlocked at level 7 of the Pet House.

Here are the Poison Lizard's stats in detail:


Upgrade Cost

Upgrade Time


Speed Decrease

Attack Rate Decrease
2225,000 Dark Elixir3 days


3235,000 Dark Elixir4 days1,3502038026%35%
4245,000 Dark Elixir5 days1,4002148026%35%
5255,000 Dark Elixir5.5 days1,45022510034%45%
6265,000 Dark Elixir6 days1,50023610034%45%
7275,000 Dark Elixir6.5 days1,55024710034%45%
8285,000 Dark Elixir7 days1,60025810034%45%
9295,000 Dark Elixir7.5 days1,65026910034%45%
10305,000 Dark Elixir8 days1,70028012038%50%

Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 Hero Pets - Phoenix

Phoenix Co C
Revive your Hero with the Phoenix! | © Supercell

The Phoenix is a ranged, single-target Hero Pet that starts as a harmless egg that follows its Hero during battle. Once the Hero is knocked out, the Phoenix will hatch from its egg, revive its Hero, and place it under a temporary shield of invulnerability. However, once the shield expires, the Hero will be knocked out, but the Phoenix will be able to continue and fight in battles.

The Phoenix can be unlocked at level 8 of the Pet House.

Here are the Phoenix's stats in detail:

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeHPDPSRevive Time


N/AN/A3,1201786 seconds
2230,000 Dark Elixir3 days3,240186

6 seconds

3240,000 Dark Elixir4 days3,3601946 seconds
4250,000 Dark Elixir5 days3,4802026 seconds
5260,000 Dark Elixir5.5 days3,6002107 seconds
6270,000 Dark Elixir6 days3,7202187 seconds
7280,000 Dark Elixir6.5 days3,8402267 seconds
8290,000 Dark Elixir7 days3,9602347 seconds


300,000 Dark Elixir7.5 days4,0802427 seconds
10310,000 Dark Elixir8 days4,2002508 seconds

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