Town Hall 15 Has Finally Been Revealed In Clash Of Clans

Supercell has finally unveiled the new design and features that will be coming in the Town Hall 15 update of Clash of Clans!

Town Hall 15 is here in Clash of Clans! | © Supercell

In what promises to be the most magical Town Hall update ever, Supercell has given us a first look at what's in store for Town Hall 15.

It trades in the jungle theme of the previous Town Hall 14 decor in favor of a magical and regal purple that closely resembles that of the Elixir shards in the Wizard Towers.

Town Hall 15 Is Bigger, Better, And More Magical...

Town Hall 15 will be sticking to the Giga Inferno - which has been around since Town Hall 13 and Town Hall 14. You will be able to upgrade the Giga Inferno for the same amount of five times until it reaches the maximum level.

Unfortunately, Town Hall 15 will not have a unique signature defensive weapon so it will stick with the Giga Inferno for now. However, Supercell has compensated for this by bumping up its. They also revealed that they have "got a few tricks up our sleeves as you’ll see over the coming previews."

This could indicate that a new hero is coming. With the purple design, magical theme, and sly hint at "tricks up sleeves," we could very well see a Wizard-like Hero.

Poison Town Hall
Poison your enemies when Town Hall 15 is destroyed! | © Supercell

Once Town Hall 15 is destroyed, it will unleash an explosive Poison spell that will hurt and slow down nearby attackers, much like Town Hall 14 did.

This was a highly expected announcement after Supercell teased its arrival with the Hammer Jam event and the 'Last Town Hall 14 Challenge Ever?!' It's only a matter of time before Town Hall 15 is available in Clash of Clans, and we're more than likely to see it sometime in October.

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