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Supercell End Development Of Everdale, Servers To Close At End Of Month

Everdale is set to end with development halted and the servers soon to come down for good.

Supercell Everdale closing
Supercell's Everdale is coming to an end. | © Supercell

Supercell's super-chilled village building simulator Everdale is to shutter its doors with development halted and the servers coming down at the end of the month.

The game meets the same fate as another Supercell title, Clash Quest, which in August of this year also saw its development stopped, and servers brought down. Both times the developers claimed the games failed to "meet the standards" of a Supercell game and thus had to go.

In a post to the Everdale subreddit, the developers expanded on their reasoning:

We’re very proud of the world we built in Everdale, and we’re grateful for the player community who helped us make the game better with each update. Although we gave it our all, it became clear to us that Everdale does not meet our ambitions for a Supercell game.

At Supercell we believe our players deserve the very best games, and despite all the efforts we made for Everdale, they did not meet the standards we have set for ourselves and for our players.

Everdale Servers To Come Down, Players Offered Item Transfer

The servers will not be taken offline immediately, though in-app purchases and the ability to refer friends have been stopped.

The servers will go offline on Monday, October 31, at 10 UTC, giving players the chance to get "one final bowl of pumpkin soup."

Supercell will offer Everdale players the chance to transfer their in-app purchases to other games, with those affected asked to contact Supercell customer support for help.

Everdale was a free-to-play village-building game that dropped the cartoonish combat of other Supercell games for a more prosaic and cooperative experience.

Everdale servers development ended
Everdale was about building a prosperous village with the help of friends. | © Supercell

Released as a beta in August 2021, the game will be a little over a year old when it comes to an end, a far cry from other Supercell titles such as Clash of Clans, which recently celebrated its tenth birthday and continues to go strength to strength with the developer's preparing to deploy the Town Hall 15 update.