Supercell Reveals The Future Of Brawl Stars

Supercell has unveiled what they have planned for the future of Brawl Stars and what players can expect to see in later updates.

Brawl Stars Supercell Future Plans Gears Brawlers Reworks
What lies in store for the future of Brawl Stars? | © Supercell

Season 14 was announced in a recent Brawl Talk. The big news was that Supercell revealed two new Brawlers and cosmetics that will be coming to Brawl Stars in the new season.

But besides that, Game Lead Frank stopped by to deliver interesting news about the future of the game. He mentioned that they are focused on designing and building a high-level roadmap for the future of Brawl Stars.

This marks the first time that Supercell has decided to talk about Brawl Stars updates in advance. They justified this by saying that they believe that there is a disconnect between the Brawl Stars devs and the players so they would like to resolve this by providing information in advance.

So, what exactly do they have planned? Let's take a look at them.

Gears Are Getting A Massive Rework

Supercell will be reworking Gears in Brawl Stars. They admitted that they had no plans to change the system this year but recognize that Gears have been a topic of much-heated debate within the community and so, will be addressing it.

In fact, the first few Gear changes have been introduced to Brawl Stars in the August update. The Scraps and Tokens required to craft Gears and upgrade their levels will be reduced by 50%.

After the changes, these are the current Gear costs:

Gear Power


Power 1 Gear
  • Now costs 1 Gear Token + 40 Scrap (previous 1 Gear Token + 80 Scrap)
Power 2 Gears
  • Now costs 1 Gear Token + 100 Scrap (previously 2 Gear Tokens + 200 Scrap)
Power 3 Gears
  • Now costs 2 Gear Tokens + 200 Scrap (previously 4 Gear Tokens + 400 Scrap)

In the October update, Supercell will have plans to simplify the flow of how players can acquire Gears and decrease the overall cost of attaining them. Additionally, they will introduce additional Gears that can only be used by certain Brawlers.

Brawl Stars Gears Update Rework Supercell
Gears will be getting a massive reset in a future Brawl Stars update! | © Supercell

But massively, Supercell will reset Gears and will reimburse all existing Scraps, Gear Tokens, and already crafted Gears back to players. Refunds will be based on the total amount of Scraps and Gear Tokens players have collected since Gears were first introduced to the game.

For the future of Brawl Stars, Coins will play a bigger role in how players can unlock Gears in the future.

PvE Weekend Mode Reworks

Brawl Stars PvE Weekend game modes rework Supercell updates
Get ready for more exciting PvE weekend game mode! | © Supercell

Supercell doesn't believe the PvE weekend modes in Brawl Stars are fun and engaging for players. To resolve this issue, they will be replacing them with a more dynamic PvE system which will introduce new features including multiple stages, persistent power-ups, different environments, and new types of enemies and bosses.

Frank also teased that there may be a new story element introduced to PvE weekend modes. This will most likely be rolled out in the October update.

Assorted Future Plans For Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Brawlers Progression System Supercell
The progression system will be reworked too! | © Supercell

Besides plans to rework Gears and the PvE weekend modes, Supercell will work to tackle other issues in future updates.

The first item on the list is the progression system and "its reliance on luck" in order to unlock Brawlers. The devs want players to have a greater say in which Brawlers they would like to unlock (and when), as well as which Brawlers they'd like to upgrade. This progression system may seem trivial, but it has a huge effect on how Brawl Stars is played. Supercell plans on delivering these changes as soon as possible.

Besides this change, they plan on introducing:

  • More meaningful ways to incentivize playing certain Brawlers by introducing Mastery (similar to Clash Royale), clearer Brawler goals, and rewards.
  • Better matchmaking.
  • Ways to obtain cosmetics (and how to showcase them).
  • Tools to share moments from Brawl Stars games to social media.
  • Ways to introduce ways to recruit friends.
Brawl Stars Reporting System Supercell Updates
Supercell will introduce a reporting system to Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Supercell will also work on a system to report other players for things like grief play. They will update the game with this system sooner than the aforementioned topics as they would like to gather data on how to improve the system in the future.

This isn't a complete list of plans that Supercell has planned for the future in Brawl Stars. More features will be announced in future Brawl Talks.

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