Brawl Stars: Tank Tier List (September 2022)

Tanks are important for absorbing damage and leading the battle charges in Brawl Stars. But which tanky Brawler is the best for the job in September 2022? We'll take a look at that right now...

Tank Banner Brawl Stars
Which Tank will you choose in Brawl Stars for September 2022? | © Supercell

A good tank in Brawl Stars uses their high HP to take large amounts of damage. Using this, they can lead the team into battle and even initiate battles where the weaker, squishier Brawlers cannot. Tanks use their abilities to shield others and create attacking opportunities to boost allies. They play an important role in any successful team.

That being said, having a good tank can often mean the difference between a good team and a bad team. Choosing the right one can be tricky, especially after the recent August changes that buffed and nerfed some Brawlers. So with that in mind, we've put together a tier list of all the Tank Brawlers in Brawl Stars to help you decide for the September 2022 meta. Here are all the details!

Brawl Star Tank Tier List (September 2022)

Tank Tier List Sept Brawl Stars
Here's our definitive tier list of all the Tank Brawlers in Brawl Stars for September 2022! | © Supercell

We have ten Brawlers on the tier list. The highest ranking is S-tier, A-tier is above average, B-tier is below average and the lowest is C-tier. After considering the Brawlers' strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, we decided on their rankings.

Will you agree with our list? Let's find out...


Bonnie Brawl Stars Tier List
Bonnie tops our September 2022 Brawl Stars Tank tier list despite her minor health nerf! | © Supercell

Bonnie, Darryl, and Frank are at the very top of the S-tier. They've proven themselves to be reliable and versatile Brawlers. No matter the meta, balance changes, or event, they have always come out as one of the most picked tanks and most successful Brawlers to date in the game.

Here's why these Brawlers belong in S-Tier:

  • Bonnie: She's a new Brawler and has already established herself as one of the best Tank Brawlers in Brawl Stars ever since her release in April 2022. Bonnie's ability to transform herself between her cannon and normal form ensures that she's a versatile offensive and defensive option. Bonnie's Super and Crash Test Gadget means that she can initiate battles and absorb damage from enemies with her high health points. In the recent August 2022 update, Clyde's health decreased from 5,200 to 4,800. That was quite a hit but that doesn't mean she drops down our list - Bonnie is still super a strong Tank!
  • Darryl: His abilities help him stay extremely durable during battles. Darryl's Super rolls him forward inside his barrel which will knock back enemies and reduce incoming damage. The power of this Super lies in the fact that it is rechargeable. His Recoiling Rotator Gadget recharges his Super by 25% for each shot hit when it is activated only supplements this overpowered Super. On top of that, his "Steel Hoops" Star Power reduces damage by 25% for 2 seconds after his Super is activated.
  • Frank: He finds himself as a surprise S-tier pick because he boasts the highest HP of any Brawler in the game and has amazing durability in battles. With his Sponge Star Power, he permanently gains an additional 1,100 HP. This means he can charge into battle with his Super and stun enemies for 2 seconds. Pair this with his Active Noise Canceling Gadget and Frank can remove any disabling effect on himself and become immune to stuns, slows, and knockbacks for a brief period of time. Even if his Gadgets or Star Powers help, just his max HP of 10,500 is enough to buy you time to eliminate enemy Brawlers!


Jacky Brawl Stars
Look out! Jacky is climbing up the ladder in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Jacky, Rosa, and Nita are sitting at A-tier in our tier list. This means that they're above-average picks if you're looking for a tanky Brawler who can still supply the damage absorption and initiating abilities as their S-Tier Brawlers, albeit in a less powerful way.

These are the reasons why these four brawlers are in A-Tier:

  • Jacky: She's a true tank and can absorb damage like a trooper. Her main strengths like in the Star Powers which can protect her by passively reducing any damage she takes by 20% and returning 30% of the damage she receives into a counterattack. Her Super allows her to initiate battles well. Jacky's Rebuild Gadget allows her to rebuild the environment to shelter herself and her allies from incoming damage. Jacky would be rated higher however she doesn't provide the same amount of advantages as her S-tier-rated friends.
  • Rosa: She's a fast brawler and can consistently perform well in games. Her speed comes from her ability to dish out a flurry of rapid punches. For tanking damage, her Super reduces 70% of incoming damage whilst her Grow Light Gadget shelters her with bushes. Rosa's passive Star Powers means she essentially has a second life as she can recover 200 health per second when inside a bush and gain +220 damage during her Super. She is somewhat a weak pick for those who like quickly initiating battles as none of her abilities allow her to do so.
  • Nita: Admittedly, her tankiness comes from her Super-summoned Big Baby bear. The bear is a massive, hulking unit that can be used to initiate battles, absorb damage, and deal decent damage. Nita used to be lower on our tier ranking, however, the recent August changes increased her attack damage and hits required to charge her Super. Previously, she would a relatively weak brawler without her bear companion, but now she stands a decent chance at holding her own in 1v1 battle.


El Primo Brawl Stars
El Primo lands in B-Tier for our September 2022 Tank tier list in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

El Primo and Bull are two Brawlers currently in B-tier. Both are incredibly durable thanks to their Star Powers and have minor initiating abilities. They're below-average picks due to their rather one-dimensional abilities that hamper them from being a great Tank in Brawl Stars.

Here's why these two brawlers are in B-Tier:

  • El Primo: He has somewhat come back stronger after receiving a string of nerfs that have made him weak in previous balance changes. His main strength lies in his health as it towers over other Brawlers. This is exactly what you need for a Tanker. El Primo's Super allows him to initiate battles and deal massive damage. However, his Gadgets and his Star Powers do not supply him with any health, damage reduction, or purging effects to make him durable during battles - a major downside for any Tank. Still, he's a decent pick if you like disrupting plays with his powerful Super.
  • Bull: He's durable in battles. His T-Bone Injector Gadget instantly restores 1500 health. This synergizes well with his Tough Guy Star Power that gives Bull a shield (that reduces incoming damage by 30%) when his HP falls below 40%. His Super can provide good initiating opportunities by charging into battle and knocking back any enemies. Bull's main weakness can be attributed to his low HP which is 7500 even at max level. This isn't something you want to see in a Tank Brawler. He is, however, a very good pick if you're a beginner and wish to learn the ropes of what is expected of a Tank in battle.


8 Bit Brawl Stars August2022
8-Bit unfortunately is at the bottom of our September 2022 Tank tier list... | © Supercell

At the bottom of our list in C-Tier are Ash and 8-Bit. They're the least viable tank Brawlers in Brawl Stars for a variety of reasons including their average HP and their limited abilities.

Here's why these brawlers are in C-Tier:

  • Ash: He has one of the highest HP in Brawl Stars and their Chill Pill Gadget supplements this with an additional 2,500 HP. His rage-based Rotten Banana Gadget and First Bash Star Power require some skill and so can be a difficult Brawler to use for amateur players and even pro players at times. There is a steep learning curve for anyone who wishes to use Ash, but when used correctly, he is crazy good - just not something most people are willing to invest the time and effort into.
  • 8-Bit: He has high HP and great damage output. But, everything falls apart for 8-Bit after that as his Gadgets and Star Powers don't provide any good boost to his health or create any initiating opportunities. You can argue that the turret created by 8-Bit's Super can be a good distraction but it's a relatively weak distraction at that.

That's all we have for our tier list. Do you agree with it?

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