Brawl Stars Tier List: All Brawlers Ranked (November 2022)

There are various brawlers you can pick in Brawl Stars. It can be hard to know which ones are good or bad so today, we've ranked them all to make your life easier.

Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking Guide November 2022 Supercell
We've ranked all the brawlers in Brawl Stars for November. | © Supercell

With 61 brawlers currently in Brawl Stars at the moment, picking the right one can often be a challenging endeavor. You have a variety of brawlers, each with its own set of unique stats, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, play styles, and other important factors.

So to help you out, we've put together a guide ranking all of the game's brawlers from best to worst in the November meta. We've judged them equally across the board depending on how they perform in all of the game modes in Brawl Stars and how effective they are on the battlefield either alone or in a team. We'll be taking into account the recent October balance changes.

All Brawlers In Brawl Stars Ranked - November 2022

Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking Guide November Supercell
We've ranked all the brawlers for November from best to worst. | © Supercell

Here's a ranking overview of all the brawlers currently in Brawl Stars. As usual, S-tier indicates brawlers who are the very in the game at the moment. As you move down the tier list, these brawlers become less impactful and viable in the current meta. The least powerful brawlers are at the bottom of the table in F-tier.

We'll dive into the specifics in each of our tiers below.


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking November 2022 S-Tier Sam Supercell
Sam has been tearing up the competition lately! | © Supercell

S-tier brawlers perform incredibly well in most metas and game modes. They're durable, effective at dealing damage, and can provide significant advantages in battle. It's also generally tough to counter them due to their superior abilities.

Sam remains at the very top as he has been dominant in the past couple of months. We're seeing an entry of Brawl Stars' latest brawler: Buster. He's coming in strong with S-tier in his debut of our tier list. Eve climbs from A-tier compared to last month as she's been rather strong lately due to her buff in the October balance changes.

These are the S-tier brawlers:

  • Sam
  • Otis
  • Eve
  • Buster
  • Ash
  • Bonnie
  • Griff
  • Janet
  • Gus
  • 8-Bit


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking November 2022 Guide A-tier Fang Supercell
Fang has dropped down a position but he is still strong! | © Supercell

A-tier brawlers are also top-tier. They're great - and sometimes, better - alternatives to their S-tier compatriots. However, A-tier brawler power levels can be slightly lower than them in the overall scheme of things. Still, they're powerful and offer a diverse set of abilities and attacking options.

Fang moves down from his high S-tier spot last month. The rest of the field in A-tier remains unchanged.

These are the A-tier brawlers:

  • Fang
  • Nita
  • Jacky
  • Poco
  • Frank
  • Grom
  • Surge
  • Bo
  • Pam
  • Penny
  • Gale
  • Ruffs


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking Guide November 2022 Lola B-tier Supercell
Lola sits comfortably at the top of B-tier. | © Supercell

B-tier brawlers are generally decent picks for most metas. They aren't exactly extremely powerful because their abilities and stats don't allow them to accomplish more. Regardless, they have the tools necessary at their disposal to get the job done.

Leon and Squeak have been impressive lately and climbs from C-tier to B-tier compared to last month. Meg solidifies her position after a healthy HP boost in the October balance changes. The rest of the field maintains their above-average position on our list due to their strong capabilities. This includes Bea who had HP decay added to their Honey Molasses Gadget in the recent balance changes.

These are all the B-tier brawlers:

  • Lola
  • Tara
  • Jessie
  • Bea
  • Emz
  • Tick
  • Sandy
  • Darryl
  • Rosa
  • Mr. P
  • Spike
  • Colette
  • Buzz
  • Meg
  • Edgar
  • Squeak
  • Sprout
  • Crow
  • Leon


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking Guide November 2022 Piper C-Tier Supercell
Piper has seen better days... | © Supercell

C-tier brawlers are below average in terms of overall performance. These brawlers tend to be weak alone in game modes like Showdown or against AI enemies. That being said, C-tier brawlers need to be surrounded by good teammates to be effective on the battlefield.

Piper and Brock have dropped down to C-tier from their B-tier spots last month. Their slow rate of fire means that they can often be caught off guard in battles.

These are the C-tier brawlers:

  • Piper
  • Brock
  • Amber
  • Carl
  • Bibi
  • Belle
  • Max
  • Gene
  • Stu
  • Rico
  • El Primo
  • Lou
  • Nani
  • Dynamike


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List Ranking November 2022 Guide D-Tier Colt Supercell
Colt is almost at the bottom of our brawler tier list. | © Supercell

D-tier brawlers don't offer much by way of abilities or stats. They're still functional on the battlefield however, it's obvious at times that they are two-dimensional and can't synergize well with other brawlers on their team.

Shelly, Colt, and Bull fit the description of D-tier. They are exactly exciting brawlers for the most part, but they can still get the job done sometimes.

These are the D-tier brawlers:

  • Shelly
  • Colt
  • Bull


Brawl Stars Brawler Tier List November 2022 Guide F-Tier Barley Supercell
Barley is at the bottom of our tier list. | © Supercell

F-tier brawlers are the worst brawlers currently in Brawl Stars. Their weak stats, limited abilities, and overall lack of synergy with other brawlers have unfortunately placed them at the bottom of our tier list.

It's hard to put Barley down in F-tier as he got a big damage increase in the October balance changes. But, his rather low HP means that he's weak and not durable in battles. Byron and Mortis are also quite impotent too.

These are the F-tier brawlers:

  • Barley
  • Byron
  • Mortis

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