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Brawl Stars Griff Guide: Super, Gadgets, Star Powers, Stats

Griff is an incredibly powerful damage dealer who boasts an impressive win record in Brawl Stars. He may be challenging to use at times, so we've put together a guide to help you with him.

Brawl Stars Griff Guide Super Gadgets Supers Star Powers Supercell
Here's a guide to everything you need to know about Griff in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Griff is an Epic brawler that made his mark in Brawl Stars with the arrival of season 7: Jurassic Splash. He joined the game with his assassin friend, Buzz. But unlike Buzz, Griff is more of a damage dealer brawler who can lead the charge into battles and carry the team to victory.

He relies heavily on being able to bombard enemies with his basic attacks and Super. Griff's Gadgets supplement this by equipping him with the ability to deliver more damage. His Star Powers, on the other hand, offer a way for you to branch away from his damage-dealing ways.

This is just a brief summary of Griff. Let's dive in a little deeper and go over his basic attack, Super, Gadgets, Star Powers, and Stats.

How To Get Griff In Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars Griff Brawler Guide How To Get Supercell
This is how you can get Griff in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

You can get Griff by unlocking him in Boxes or purchasing him from the Shop. Griff is an Epic brawler, so he will be relatively easy to find in Boxes.

Griff Attack - Coin Toss

Brawl Stars Griff brawler guide basic attack coin toss Supercell
Griff will launch coins at his enemies with his basic attack! | © Supercell

Griff's Coin Toss attack will fire three waves that consist of three coins each. The coins will be spread out in a cone formation.

As with any attack that spreads out over a distance, you will deal more damage within close range and less the further away you are from the target.

Griff Super - Cashback

Brawl Stars Griff Brawler Guide Cashback Super Supercell
Deal massive damage to your opponents with Griff's Super! | © Supercell

Griff's Cashback Super will throw five piercing banknotes that travel forward in the direction that you direct them to. They will then spin in place for one second and return to Griff.

These banknotes will deal damage to enemies upon traveling and returning. The further the enemies are, the more damage they will take. Take note that Griff's Super will not be able to travel through obstacles.

Griff Gadgets - Piggy Bank And Coin Shower

Brawl Stars Griff Brawler Guide Piggy Bank Coin Shower Supercell
Griff's Gadgets: Piggy Bank (left) and Coin Shower (right). | © Supercell

Griff has two Gadgets: Piggy Bank And Coin Shower.

These are the abilities of each Gadget:

  • Piggy Bank: Once activated, Griff will drop a piggy bank that will explode after a 2.5-second delay. It will deal 1,000 damage and knock back all enemies within the blast radius. Obstacles within range will also be destroyed.
  • Coin Shower: Once activated, Griff's next basic attack will launch four waves of coins instead of three.

Griff Star Powers - Keep The Change And Business Resilience

Brawl Stars Griff Brawler Guide Star Powers Keep the change Business Resilience Supercell
Griff's Star Powers: Keep The Change (left) and Business Resilience (right). | © Supercell

Griff has two Star Powers: Keep The Change and Business Resilience.

These are the passive abilities of his Star Powers:

  • Keep The Change: Griff's basic attack will travel faster by 25% (reducing the travel time from 1 to 0.75 seconds)
  • Business Resilience: Griff will regain 15% of his missing health every two seconds. The healing will take place even when Griff is attacking or taking damage.

Griff Stats - Health And Attack

Brawl Stars Griff Brawler Guide Stats Attack Health Supercell
Griff's health and damage stats are incredible! | © Supercell

Let's finish this guide about Griff by looking at his stats at each level. We're going to cover his health and damage output.

Here are Griff's stats:

LevelHealthDamage per coin







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