Otis Brawler Explained: Stats, Super, Gadgets, And Star Powers

Otis is the newest brawler to join the roster in Brawl Stars. Here is everything you need to know about his stats, super, gadgets, and star powers!

Brawl Stars Otis Brawler Guide Stats, Gadgets Star Power Supercell
Here's your guide to how Otis works in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Otis is the Chromatic Brawler who arrived in Brawl Stars as part of the Deep Sea Brawl update that was released on July 4, 2022. His Super enables him to be a powerful disabler, leaving him a good counter-pick against tank and assassin Brawlers. Given that Otis is still new in the game, some players are struggling with this underwater creature and all his respective abilities. We've put together a handy guide that will take an in-depth look at this Brawler.

We'll break down Otis's Super, Gadget, Star Power, and stats!

Otis Super - Silent Seabed

Otis Super Silent Seabed Brawl Stars Supercell
Otis's Super in action! | © Supercell

Otis's Super is called Silent Seabed. He will fling his starfish friend, Cil, in a forward-facing direction. Cil will cling to the first enemy that comes in contact with him. Once attached, the enemy will not be able to use any attack, Supers, or Gadgets for three seconds. This Super will not disable passive effects that brawlers may receive from Gears or Star Powers.

Silent Seabed can work on active spawnables such as Penny's cannon and Jessie's turret. However, passive turrets like 8-Bits' turret will not be affected.

Otis Gadgets - Dormant Star And Phat Splatter

Brawl Stars Otis Brawler Guide Gadget Supercell
Blast your way to victory with Otis' Phat Splatter Gadget! | © Supercell

Otis' first Gadget is Dormant Star. Upon its activation, the next time Otis misses his Super, the starfish will land on the ground and become invisible (similar to Belle's Nest Egg Gadget). Any enemy Brawler that steps on the starfish will immediately activate Otis's Super and receive all of its negative effects.

The starfish will be permanently on the ground until it is triggered or a map reset occurs. Multiple starfish can be on the ground throughout the game. However, once one is stepped on, the other starfish will be removed.

Otis' second Gadget is Phat Splatter. When Otis uses this gadget, his next attack will shoot an ink puddle that will deal 810 damage over time for 3.8 seconds. This works similarly to Barley's Super.

Otis Star Powers - Stencil Glue And Ink Refill

Brawl Stars Otis Guide Brawler Star Power Supercell
Increase your damage output with Otis' Ink Refill Star Power! | © Supercell

Otis' first Star Power is Stencil Glue. It's a passive item that will increase the duration of Otis's Super by 33%. This means that enemies will be affected by the negative effects of his Super for four seconds instead of the usual three seconds. This Star Power bonus will also be applied to starfish on the ground.

Otis' second Star Power is Ink Refill. Equipping this Star Power will allow Otis to shoot four ink drops per attack instead of the usual three.

Otis' Health And Attack Stats

Otis will be fully upgraded once he reaches level 11. Here are his health and attack stats for each respective level. Keep in mind that Otis's attack sees him fire three wide-spread blobs. This table accounts for how much damage a single blob will deal.

LevelHealthDamage per blob



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