Brawl Stars Sam Guide: Super, Gadgets, Star Powers, Stats

Sam is one of the two new brawlers that have been introduced to Brawl Stars in season 14. Let's go over everything you need to know about him.

Sam Guide Brawl Stars
Here's everything you need to know about Sam's stats, super, star power, and gadgets in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Sam is a Chromatic brawler was introduced to Brawl Stars in season 14 alongside Gus. He slides into the tank role who's also a great damage dealer with his Knuckle Busters. His Super allows him to throw them towards enemies. His Gadgets and Star Powers enable a greater power output with the Knuckle Busters too.

Due to his versatility and durability, Sam can be a powerful brawler for most game modes in the game.

Sam's playstyle has been described by Supercell to be "very unique to Brawl Stars" as his attack, super, gadgets, star power, and stats are different from the brawlers of the past. So, what's the fuss all about? Let's dive into everything you need to know about Sam.

How To Unlock Sam In Brawl Stars

Sam Chromatic Shop
Sam can be unlocked in the Chromatic Shop. | © Supercell

Sam can be unlocked in the Chromatic Shop. You will need to use either Chroma Credits or Gems to purchase him.

Sam was previously available in the Season 14 Brawl Pass.

Basic Attack - Heavy Haymakers

Sam Attack Brawl Stars
Sam can launch a two-punch attack! | © Supercell

Sam is a melee brawler who is equipped with his trademark Knuckle Buster weapons. Sam will use them to deliver a two-punch attack. These Knuckle Busters provide Sam with different attacking options depending on whether he has them equipped or not.

These are the two attacks that Sam is capable of delivering:

  • If unequipped with Knuckle Busters: Sam's attacks are faster but deal less damage.
  • If equipped with Knuckle Busters: Sam will deal a stronger, close-range attack that can hit multiple enemies at the same time. His Super bar is always full when his Knuckle Busters are equipped, so he will be the first-ever Brawler who starts matches with his Super already available.

Here's a look at his damage stats per level:

LevelDamage with Knuckle BustersDamage without Knuckle Busters

Super - Knuckle Busters

Sam Super Brawl Stars
Sam will throw his Knuckle Busters when you use his Super! | © Supercell

When Sam's Super is activated, he will throw his Knuckle Busters over a short, straight distance. This will damage anything in its path. Sam will also receive a temporary speed buff. Activating his Super again will recall the Knuckle Busters from where they landed back to Sam's arms - damaging everything on its path again.

Alternatively, Sam's Knuckle Busters can be collected off the ground without using his Super.

Here's a look at the Super damage per level:

LevelDamage Done When Throwing Knuckle BustersDamage Done When Retrieving Knuckle Busters

Gadgets - Magnetic Field And Pulse Repellent

Sam Gadgets
Sam's Gadgets from left: Magnetic Field, Pulse Repellent. | © Supercell

Sam has two available Gadgets: Magnetic Field and Pulse Repellent.

Here's a breakdown of his Gadgets:

  • Magnetic Field: Sam can activate his Knuckle Busters to pull in nearby enemies.
  • Pulse Repellent: Sam's next deployed Knuckle Busters releases an electronic pulse that knocks back enemies.

Star Powers - Hearty Recovery And Remote Recharge

Sam Star Powers
Sam's Star Powers from left: Hearty Recovery and Remote Recharge. | © Supercell

Sam has two available Star Powers: Hearty Recovery and Remote Recharge.

Here's a breakdown of his Star Powers:

  • Hearty Recovery: Upon recalling Sam's Knuckle Busters, Sam will instantly recover 30% of lost health.
  • Remote Recharge: While the Knuckle Busters are on the ground and near enemies, they will charge up Sam's Super.

Stats - HP, Movement Speed, Range, Reload

Sam Stats banner
Sam boasts some incredible stats. | © Supercell

Let's round up everything you need to know about Sam by looking at his stats. He's a fast-moving brawler with a movement speed of 770 (970 without Knuckle Busters). Sam has a short range for his attacks - 3 tiles - and a reload speed of 1.6 seconds.

As he's a tank brawler, he boasts high HP. Here are Sam's HP stats per level:




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