Brawl Stars Gus Guide: Super, Gadgets, Star Powers, Stats

Gus is the latest brawler to join the roster in season 14 of Brawl Stars. He can be a tricky brawler to master so here's a guide about everything you need to know about him.

Gus Brawl Stars
This is your go-to guide to Gus in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Gus is a Super Rare brawler that landed in Brawl Stars with the arrival of season 14: Robot Factory. He joins the game just after his tanky melee buddy, Sam, joined earlier in the season. Gus is the complete opposite of Sam however and fits the description of a Support brawler. He has moderate health and damage output, but his strength lies in his ability to heal and act as a decent battle initiator.

Gus introduces a new playstyle to Brawl Stars as he is equipped with a unique 'spirit' bar that allows him to spawn healing spirits on the map. But alongside this, he has his own set of interesting Gadgets, Star Powers, and Super. Let's go over all of that, how you can Gus, and his in-game stats.

How To Get Gus In Brawl Stars

Gus Banner Brawl Stars
You can obtain Gus by opening boxes or purchasing him from the Shop! | © Supercell

You can get Gus by unlocking him in Boxes or purchasing him from the Shop. As Gus is a Super Rare brawler, he will be relatively easy to find in Boxes.

Gus Attack - Loony Balloons

Gus Attack
Spawn spirits on the map with Gus's attacks! | © Supercell

Gus's basic attack will shoot balloons at enemies.

After three successive enemy hits, Gus's unique 'spirit' bar will be fully charged. The next attack you hit after this will spawn a spirit on the map. These spirits will restore some health for you or your team if they are collected. Multiple spirits can be on the map at the same time.

Gus Super - Spooky Boy

Gus Super
Gus can grant himself or an ally a health shield with his Spooky Boy Super! | © Supercell

Gus's Spooky Boy Super will create a shield around himself or one of his teammates. This shield will block a certain amount of damage. It will decay 10% of its health every 0.5 seconds from the point it is activated.

This is how you can cast Gus's Super:

  • To cast the shield on allies: You will need to aim your shot (like a regular attack) at your ally. The shot will need to land on the ally and not miss.
  • To cast shield on Gus: Tap the Super button as if you were auto-aiming an attack.

If an attack deals more damage than the shield's current health, the shield will disappear and the brawler with the shield will be affected by the remaining damage.

Gus Gadgets - Kooky Popper And Soul Switcher

Gus Gadgets
Gus's Gadgets: Kooky Popper (left) and Soul Switcher (right). | © Supercell

Gus has two Gadgets: Kooky Popper And Soul Switcher. These are the abilities of each Gadget:

  • Kooky Popper: Once activated, all uncollected spirits on the map will explode, knock back, and deal 1,800 damage to all nearby enemies. This damage can be stacked with other spirits.
  • Soul Switcher: Once activated, Gus will instantly lose 30% of his current health in exchange for his Spirit bar to be instantly recharged.

Gus Star Powers - Health Bonanza And Spirit Animal

Gus Star Powers
Gus's Star Powers: Health Bonanza (left) and Spirit Animal (right). | © Supercell

Gus has two Star Powers: Health Bonanza and Spirit Animal. These are the passive abilities of his Star Powers:

  • Health Bonanza: The health gained from spirits is doubled.
  • Spirit Animal: Gus or his allies currently affected by his Super will deal 25% more damage for five seconds.

Gus Stats - Health And Attack

Gus Stats
Here's a look at all of Gus's health and damage stats per level! | © Supercell

Let's round up everything you need to know about Gus by looking at his stats for each level. We're going to cover his health and damage output.

Here are Gus's stats:




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