Brawl Stars: Guide To Club Games

Club Games is a competitive Club game mode in Brawl Stars that consists of two weeks of intense Quests and League challenges. Let's go over all the details you need to know about them.

Club Leagues Brawl Stars
This is how Club Games work in Brawl Stars! | © Supercell

Club Gamesis a competitive Club game mode that was added to Brawl Stars in November 2021. It's a two-week seasonal competition with eight Clubs competing with one another for rewards in their respective Leagues. They compete with each other by completing Club Quests in one week and Club League in the other.

Since it was first introduced, Club Games have gone under significant reworks. So, it can be challenging to keep up with the changes. To help with that, we've created a guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about Club Games.

We'll start with a breakdown of the Club League and end by explaining Club Quests.

Brawl Stars Club Games - Club League Details

Club League2 Banner
Take advantage of the Event Days to score points for your Club! | © Supercell

Club League consists of three Event Days held over a week: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. The start time of each of these days will vary depending on the region you are in. However, each Event Day will always last 24 hours.

On each of these days, you can choose from two game modes: standard or competitive Power matches, which you can either play solo, with randoms, or with Club members. The Power matches are structured in a best-of-three format with picks/bans just like in Power League.

Tickets Brawl Stars
Use Tickets to enter matches on Club League Event Days! | © Supercell

To play in any of these game modes, you will need Tickets. You will automatically be provided with four Tickets on each of the first two days (Wednesday and Friday) and six on the final Event Day (Sunday).

Here's a full breakdown of all the game modes you can play during the Event Days, their costs, and rewards:

Game ModesCost(s)Reward(s)
Standard Solo1 Ticket
  • Win: 3 Club Trophies
  • Draw: 2 Club Trophies
  • Lose: 1 Club Trophy
Standard Team with Club members1 Ticket
  • Win: 4 Club Trophies
  • Draw: 3 Club Trophies
  • Lose: 2 Club Trophies
Power Match Solo2 Tickets
  • Win: 7 Club Trophies
  • Lose: 3 Club Trophies
Power Match Team with Club members2 Tickets
  • Win: 9 Club Trophies
  • Lose: 5 Club Trophies

Club Trophies are important for your Club's daily ranking. This will be explained in the next section.

If you change Clubs or are kicked from it after the season has started, you will not be able to participate in the current season with your new Club. You will have to wait until the new season begins to be able to participate in Club Leagues again.

Brawl Stars Club Games - Club League Rankings

Club League Rankings
Here are all the rankings your Club can get in Club Leagues! | © Supercell

Clubs are ranked on the number of Club Trophies they have accumulated by the end of each Event Day. Club Points will then be awarded based on the final Club rank achieved in their eight-team league. Club Trophy counts are reset for each day. The third Event Day will always grant more Club Points than usual.

Here's a full breakdown of the Club Points you can get for each day:

RankClub PointsDay 3 Club Points

Each League (except Masters) will have three divisions your Club will have to go through before advancing to the next League (with I being the lowest division and III being the highest). The matchmaking in Club League is based on your Club's League rank and the region your Club is based.

Here's the full list of the Club Leagues:

  • Bronze League (I, II, III)
  • Silver League (I, II, III)
  • Gold League (I, II, III)
  • Diamond League (I, II, III)
  • Mythic League (I, II, III)
  • Legendary League (I, II, III)
  • Masters League

Clubs with the most Club Points in their respective League by the end of the week will be promoted to the next League. The lowest-performing Clubs will be demoted.

Brawl Stars Club Games - Club League Rewards

Club Coins Banner
Club Coins are rewarded at the end of Club League week. | © Supercell

Your Club will receive a large sum of Club Coins at the end of each Club Game week. They depend on the total number of Club Points your Club has scored. So, the more Club Points you gather, the more rewards you will receive.

Individual Club Coin rewards will be distributed based on your Club's League division, your Club's weekly rank, as well as your personal level of activity in Club League (basically how many Tickets you played).

If you had left your Club or were kicked from it when the Club League season was underway, you will receive Club Coins based on the number of Tickets you played.

Brawl Stars Club Games - Club Quests

Club Quests Banner
Club Quests are a chance for all the Club members to get involved. | © Supercell

Club Quests will be held in a week separate from that of the Club League. These Quests are essentially the same as your individual daily and seasonal Quests, but all members can contribute here. There will be several Club Quests available.

Each completed Club Quest will reward your team with Club Points. The more Club Points you accumulate, the more Club Coins you will receive at the end of the Club Quest week. Club Quests will not affect your Club League standing in any way.

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