How Many Brawlers Are There In Brawl Stars? Rarities Explained, Trophy Road, More

Brawl Stars roster of brawlers keeps growing, but how many are there?

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How many brawlers are there in Brawl Stars? | © Supercell

Released in 2017, Supercell's Brawl Stars has become the de facto king of mobile arena shooters, offering up plenty of inventive game modes and maps, and a vast array of characters (or Brawlers as they game coins them) to unlock and master.

When the game first launched there were 15 Brawlers but that number has grown greatly with new, and increasingly rare Brawlers being added to the game.

But how many Brawlers are there in Brawl Stars in 2022? And what are the different rarities? This guide will explain all.

How Many Brawlers Are There In Brawl Stars?

Brawlers can be separated by class and rarity.

In terms of classes, there are five in the game:

  • Damage Dealer
  • Tank
  • Hybrid
  • Support
  • Assassin

When it comes to rarities, there are seven:

  • Trophy Road (Common)
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Chromatic

In total, there are 58 Brawlers in Brawl Stars as of August 2022 with the latest addition being Otis, a Chromatic Damage Dealer, who was added in June as part of the Deep Sea Brawl update.

Brawl Stars all brawlers
Otis is the latest brawler added to Brawl Stars roster. | © Supercell

What Do The Rarities Mean?

Not a lot other than how hard they are to unlock. The developers suggest you take more heed of their stats and abilities than their rarity.

You can check a brawler's rarity by heading to the brawler's tab, sort by rarity, and then click on any brawler listed to see its rarity.

How Do You Unlock Brawlers?

There are a number of ways to unlock brawlers, the first of which you will encounter is through the trophy road.

With each win players will collect trophies, and as that number increases, players will unlock rewards including brawlers with there being 10 to unlock this way.

Here are the trophy road brawlers:

  • 10 Trophies: Nita
  • 60 Trophies: Colt
  • 250 Trophies: Bull
  • 500 Trophies: Jessie
  • 1000 Trophies: Brock
  • 2000 Trophies: Dynamike
  • 3000 Trophies: Bo
  • 4000 Trophies: Tick
  • 6000 Trophies: 8-Bit
  • 8000 Trophies: Emz
  • 10000 Trophies: Stu

Of course, this is just 10 of 58 brawlers in the game, with the rest unlocked via the Brawl Pass and Boxes. You can also purchase them directly from the Shop by using gems.

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