Brawl Stars Support Tier List (October 2022)

Supports are the backbone of any functioning trio in Brawl Stars. We've ranked all the support brawlers in accordance with how good they stack up in the current October 2022 meta.

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Let's take a look at how all the support brawlers rank in October 2022. | © Supercell

A good support is pivotal to a successful team. They're essentially the brawlers who can aid their team in any shape or fashion possible - be it to heal allies or create opportunities or advantages for allies in team battles. They aren't exactly the ones that deal the most damage and most of them have low HP. But still, the support class is incredibly important and your brawler of choice can significantly influence the outcome of any game.

That being said, let's answer the age-old question: Who are thebest support brawlers in Brawl Stars for October 2022? Let's find out!

Brawl Stars Support Tier List - October 2022

New October Support Tier List
This is our ranking of all the support brawlers in the October 2022 meta! | © Supercell

In the current meta, you are spoilt for choice with support brawlers. Only a handful. S-tier brawlers are those who rise to the occasion in any situation as a support. As you descend the tier ranking, these brawlers become less viable as picks to effectively support your team. At the bottom is the C-tier, these are arguably the worst brawlers you can use.

Let's dive deeper into why these brawlers belong where they are in our tier list.

Brawl Stars Support Tier List - S-Tier

Gus Support Brawl Stars
Gus is the very best support brawler in Brawl Stars at the moment! | © Supercell

At the very top of the list are three brawlers: Gus, Ruffs, and Lou. They possess the best qualities you should look for in a support brawler. They're versatile and great at initiating battles. On top of that, they can do what most supports can't - deal great damage if they're ever caught in a 1v1.

Here's why these three brawlers belong in S-tier:

  • Gus: He is arguably the best support in Brawl Stars at the moment. His ability to heal allies with his regular attack and shield them with his Spooky Boy super. Besides this, his ability to leave 'healing' ghosts on the battlefield means that Gus' presence will still be felt even after he is eliminated. Needless to say, he's a complete machine on any team.
  • Ruffs: Previously, he was our top dog, but this doesn't mean Ruff is any worse. His Double-Barrel Laser and Air Support gadget mean a steady output of damage. Besides that, his Supply Drop Super enables him to drop a Power-Up for teammates, and his ability to deploy Sandbags for protection means his support capabilities make him one of the most powerful brawlers in the game.
  • Lou: Unlike the Healing power of the two other brawlers in S-tier, Lou's support strength comes from his freezing ability that severely disadvantages opponents. His normal attack and splash-damage Can-do Super can gradually freeze enemies in team fights. Lou's Gadgets allow him to be invincible for 1-second and enable him to increase all enemies' Freeze Meter by 50% when his Super is activated. His Star Power can also reduce enemies' DPS, depending on how frozen they are. Good luck to any brawler trying to escape Lou!

Brawl Stars Support Tier List - A-Tier

Max Brawl Stars Oct
Max is at the very top of A-tier in our support brawler tier list! | © Supercell

There are five brawlers who are above-average support brawlers: Max, Poco, Gene, Pam, and Sandy. They're powerful supports that still have the ability to tilt the battle in your favor. Some of them can be slightly situational but regardless, they're all-rounders that are good alternatives to the brawlers in S-tier.

Here's why these four brawlers belong in A-tier:

  • Max: She has dropped down to A-tier from S-tier. Max climbed our tier list after her impressive performances in August, but with the meta favoring tanky brawlers, Max has seen abilities gone to waste. However, she is still strong if you know how to use her. Max's Let's Go Super enables her to start battles by boosting the movement speed of herself and her allies. Max's Phase Shifter Gadget grants her immunity while she dashes forward. If you thought her Super is overpowered, her Super Charged Star Power enables her to charge her Super while moving.
  • Poco: He is a strong healer support. Poco's Encore Super can heal himself and all his teammates in a stunning melodic fashion. On top of that, his Tuning Fork Gadget can heal nearby allies, and his Protective Tunes Gadget allows him to remove negative status effects and grant immunity to nearby teammates. His passive De Capo Star Power can also heal allies with each attack, and Screeching Solo amplifies his Super to deal damage to enemies. Poco ranked higher on our list last month, but his weapon range and low HP mean that he can be extremely weak - thus not allowing him to activate any of his abilities in time during crucial team battles.
  • Gene: Gene's magic comes from his ability to give his team a winning advantage in battles. His Magic Hand Super pulls back any enemy it latches onto towards Gene and means there's no easy escape for enemies! Besides that, his Lamp Blowout Gadget pushes all nearby enemies back and restores health to himself - a perfect chance for allies to regroup if they are ambushed. The cherry on top is his Magic Puffs Star Power which can heal all nearby allies.
  • Pam: Pam is a super-strong healer support. Her Mama's Kiss Super sets up a healing turret to heal her and nearby allies with her Pulse Modulator Gadget adding extra healing benefits to this. Moreover, her Mama's Hug Star Power can heal herself and nearby allies with every normal attack.
  • Sandy: Don't let his sleep-deprived manner fool you, Sandy can immobilize opponents and heal allies. His Sandstorm Super summons a sandstorm that can hide allies for a period of time. Additionally, her Sweet Drams Gadget can stun enemies, and Healing Winds Star Power can heal allies with her Super.

Brawl Stars Support Tier List - B-Tier

Barley Brawl Stars Oct
Barley is a decent support brawler for the current meta. | © Supercell

Barley and Gale are B-tier brawlers who perform slightly below average in the current meta. They're both decent brawlers, no doubt, but they have highly situational abilities that sometimes do not necessarily synergize well with team compositions.

Here's why we think these two brawlers belong in B-tier:

  • Barley: He's got extremely low HP, but has incredibly high damage output. As a support, he isn't as strong but can heal others for 500 HP per second with his Herbal Tonic Gadget. Barley can initiate battles with his Sticky Syrup Mixer and disperse enemies with his Last Call Super too. Those are what you need in a Support, but his low health means that he can barely stick around to activate them. Barley is similar to Poco in this sense.
  • Gale: He can create fantastic opportunities to escape from dangerous battles. His Gale Force! Super pushes back all enemies caught in its path while his Twister Gadget blows away any enemy that tries to pass through the tornado that is created. Besides that, his Star Powers can stun and slow down enemies. If you couple this with his Spring Ejector Gadget, you can easily escape any battle you're not prepared for.

Brawl Stars Support Tier List - C-Tier

Byron Oct Support
Byron isn't a great support brawler at the moment... | © Supercell

At the bottom of the list, we have two brawlers: Byron and Sprout. Unfortunately, their ability to support their team is flat-out weak and it doesn't help that they are difficult brawlers to use.

Here's why these two belong in C-tier:

  • Byron: Byron is good at healing, but his abilities seem only really target himself and don't help out the team as a whole. Yes, there are his normal attacks that can heal allies and Full Treatment Super that heals friendlies and damages opponents. But, his Gadgets and Star Powers don't add or benefit his team in battle too much (except maybe his Malaise Star Power that reduces the enemy team's healing).
  • Sprout: Sprout's main power comes from his ability to create obstacles for his opponents. However, that can only be done with his 'Hedge' Super. Unfortunately, these hedges can be avoided and take some time to build up before they can truly impact enemies. His Gadgets and Star Powers do not Heal allies (only heal himself) and do not aid allies in any way.

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