Brawl Stars Gray Guide: Stats, Super, Gadgets, Star Powers

Here's a complete overview of Brawl Stars' most unique brawler's stats, Super, Gadgets, Star Powers, and more: Gray.

Brawl Stars Gray
Here's an overview of one of Brawl Stars' most unique brawlers: Gray. | © Supercell

Gray is a Mythic brawler who arrived in the CandyLand update of Brawl Stars. He's an average-HP Support character who possesses a unique Super which allows him and his allies to both initiate and escape team fights.

Besides this, Gray's Gadgets allow him to support his allies by supplying additional damage and disabling enemies. His Star Powers enable him to preserve and heal both Gray and his allies.

Altogether, this makes Gray a powerful initiator and support brawler that is perfectly suited for team-fight-based game modes such as Gem Grab, Bounty, and Knockout. However, he can be rather weak in Solo Showdown and Duels.

Here's everything you need to know about Gray.

How To Unlock Gray In Brawl Stars

Gray How To Unlock Banner
You can unlock Gray in the Starr Road. | © Supercell

You can unlock Gray on the Starr Road. As he's a Mythic brawler, he will only be available to unlock in the Mythic step.

Upon Gray's initial release to Brawl Stars, he was available as a reward if you complete a damage-based Special Quest.

Gray Basic Attack - Finger Pistol

Gray Basic Attack Banner
Gray shoots a dotted line as his basic attack. | © Supercell

After a small delay, Gray's basic attack will shoot an average-range dotted line in the direction you aim at.

Here's a breakdown of Gray's basic attack damage stats per level:


Gray Super - Dimensional Doors

Gray Super Banner
Gray's Super can summon two teleporting portals. | © Supercell

Upon activation, Gray's Super creates two portals. One portal will spawn on top of him, while the other will spawn where Gray aims his Super at. After a short delay, Gray and all allies standing on top of one portal will be transported to the other one.

The portals will remain on the map indefinitely until Gray uses his Super again.

Gray Gadgets - Walking Cane And Grand Piano

Gray Gadgets Banner
Gray has the Walking Cane (left) and Grand Piano (right) Gadgets. | © Supercell

Gray has two Gadgets: Walking Cane and Grand Piano.

Here is a breakdown of Gray's Gadgets:

  • Walking Cane: Upon activation, Gray's next hit from his basic attack will shoot a walking cane that pulls enemies towards him. The distance enemies get pulled in will increase the further the attack travels.
  • Grand Piano: Upon activation, Gray's next hit from his basic attack will summon a grand piano. It will land on the map, deal damage, knock back enemies, and destroy obstacles.

Gray Star Powers - Fake Injury And New Perspective

Gray Star Power Banner
Gray has the Fake Injury (left) and New Perspective (right) Star Powers. | © Supercell

Gray has two Star Powers: Fake Injury and New Perspective.

Here is a breakdown of Gray's Star Powers:

  • Fake Injury: When Gray has full health, the next damage he takes is reduced by 25%. The Shield Gear and Gus's Super will not affect this Star Power.
  • New Perspective: Whenever Gray or his allies use the portals from his Super, they'll recover 1,000 HP.

Gray Stats - HP, Reload Speed, Range

Gray Stats banner
Here's a look at Gray's stats. | © Supercell

Gray is a ranged brawler who can shoot his attacks at a decent range of 8.6 tiles. He has a reload speed of 1.4 seconds and a projectile speed of 200. Besides this, he has average HP across all levels.

Here's a look at Gray's HP per level:







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