#StopPhishing - Players Boycott Clash Of Clans After Multiple Account Scams

In response to many reports of account scams in Clash of Clans, players are starting to boycott the game until a solution from Supercell is introduced.

Clash of Clans Account Scams Player Boycott Supercell
Players are unhappy with the number of account scams in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

Over the past few months, many in the Clash of Clans community have reported their game accounts being stolen by scammers. But, with the launch of the much anticipated Town Hall 15 update, these account scams have picked up and begun to worry many players.

Unfortunately, Supercell has yet to introduce a solution to this widespread issue. This has left many outraged at the lack of action as it seems like they're disregarding all the hard work, effort, and real-life money that they have put into progressing through the game only to have it all taken by a scammer. This has led to a major movement of players that have started boycotting Clash of Clans.

Accounts Scams Are Rising In Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans Supercell ID Account Scam Stolen Supercell
These are the messages players see when their Supercell ID has been stolen. | © Supercell

Accounts are being stolen left, right, and center as of late. These scams are run by people who use hundreds of bots and hidden websites to take Clash of Clans account information directly from Supercell servers. From there, they use these bots to exploit the in-game 'Help and Support' feature to flood Supercell with multiple requests about recovering "lost" game accounts.

Unfortunately, Supercell's recovery system is currently inadequate. It will often ask questions that scammers can easily answer using previously stolen account information to then take ownership of them. They will then link the stolen game account to a new email address so that players aren't able to log in or seek support from Supercell.

Clash of Clans Account scams Clans Supercell Boycott
These are just a few Clans that have fallen to account scams. | © u/RoosterFew1644 via Reddit

It's not just individual accounts that are targeted, as entire clans are stolen too. Clans with high Clan War win streaks are usually the target of these scams. Many such as Michelin Streak and #6ayMartians with 500 consecutive wins, saw their accounts stolen.

Sadly, accounts are rarely recovered from scammers. In the rare case that they're recovered, players are still not safe, as their information is still in the hands of these scammers. So, players can do nothing about the scammer retaking their account.

It should be noted that Supercell has been well-aware of the issue for a long time now. Some players have said Supercell is putting the blame on the player by calling it "account phishing" and that it's their fault for wilfully allowing untrustworthy players to access their accounts.

Players Boycott Clash Of Clans Until There's A Solution

Clash of Clans Boycott Account Scams Supercell
Players have begun boycotting Clash of Clans... | © Supercell

So in response to the unchecked account scam issue in Clash of Clans, many are boycotting the game entirely until a solution is introduced. Hashtags such as #StopPhishing have been used by some to spread awareness about this. Others have gone so much as not to purchase any in-game items.

With the boycott movement picking up steam on social media platforms, Supercell has remained rather quiet despite the community's outcry for a solution. However, Community Manager Darian offered a brief comment about the situation. He mentioned that no solutions are readily available to fix the account scam issue and added that:

I can only share information when I have it and I hope to have new information in the coming days. Until then, there isn't much I can offer, thus why I've largely been reading the threads and not replying. Replying without new information simply causes additional frustration for those who want new info, and I want to make sure I have new information for you.

It looks like we're far from any concrete solutions, but that hasn't stopped the community from voicing out what they want to see. These include better Supercell ID security. sending the account owner a confirmation email when an account is going to be recovered, a complete revamp of the Clash of Clans account recovery system, and the addition of two-factor authentication (2FA).

What should have been a joyous occasion with the release of Town Hall 15 is now marred by an issue that certainly the players and Supercell alike are not happy with. Time will only tell which direction this issue will progress in.

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