Town Hall 15 Introduces Recall Spell To Clash Of Clans

Redeploy your troops with the new Recall spell! It will be introduced to Clash of Clans in the Town Hall 15 update.

Recall Spell COC
Redeploy your troops with the Recall spell in the new Town Hall 15 update! | © Supercell

Say hello to the newest member of the Clash of Clans spell catalog: Recall spell. It's a spell that will bring in a powerful way to deploy your attack on the battlefield. Set to arrive in the Town Hall 15 update, battles will truly never be the same again once it's around.

Let's take a look at the Recall spell's stats, abilities, and more.

Town Hall 15 Brings New Recall Spell To Clash Of Clans

New Recall
An uncast Recall spell (left) and a cast Recall spell (right). | © Supercell

The Recall spell will allow you to remove units from the battlefield. Once removed, you can redeploy these units elsewhere on the battlefield. This magical spell is ideal in situations where you need to save units from lethal enemy defense attacks, reinforce your troops elsewhere, or mislead your enemies and base defenses.

The amount of units that this spell can recall is dictated by the housing space limit of each Recall spell level. Units that can be affected by this spell include Troops, Heroes (which count as 25 housing spaces), and Hero Pets (which count as 20 housing spaces). High housing space units are prioritized by this spell. 'Recalled' units will still retain any damage or status effects that they took before the spell was cast. Units that are not redeployed at the end of the battle will disappear.

The Recall spell takes up two housing spaces in your Spell Factory and has a brewing time of six minutes. Here are the details of each level of the Recall spell:

LevelUpgrade CostUpgrade TimeRecalled Housing Space

Required Laboratory Level



27,500,000 Elixir11.5 days7811
314,000,000 Elixir15.5 days8412
417,000,000 Elixir17.5 days9013

The Recall spell will be available as early as you upgrade your Spell Factory to level 7 (which can be obtained in Town Hall 13).

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