Clash Of Clans: October Balance Changes

Supercell has introduced an important update for Clash of Clans in the October balance changes. Let's take a look at all of them.

Clash of Clans October 2022 Patch Notes Balance Changes AI Bug Fixes Town Hall 15 Guide Supercell
The October balance changes for Clash of Clans are here! | © Supercell

A minor set of balance changes were implemented into Clash of Clans after the massive Town Hall 15 update in October. These include changes to better facilitate the introduction of new Hero Pets and Siege Machine. Besides that, the AI for Troops was improved for a better gameplay experience. To top it all off, a list of longstanding bugs was resolved.

Let's go over all of these and more in the October balance changes update of Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Clans - October Balance Changes

Clash of Clans October Balance Changes Nerfs Buffs guides Supercell
Super Minions are getting nerfed! | © Supercell

Only three balance changes were introduced to Clash of Clans in the October update.

These are:

  • Defensive Super Minions will now only shoot 3 long-range projectiles instead of 5.
  • Poison is not applied to Miners while underground. On top of that, Poison is not applied to Diggy or Battle Drill while underground.
  • Clan War League seeding thresholds have been adjusted for Silver 1 league and above.

Clash Of Clans October Balance Changes - AI Changes

Clash of Clans October 2022 Balance Changes Healers AI changes Supercell
Healers will work a whole lot better after this update... | © Supercell

Three changes will be made to better improve the AI in Clash of Clans.

These are the respective AI changes:

  • Better attack position selection if many attack position candidates are blocked by Walls.
  • Healers are now less likely to target Grand Warden, Golem, Golemite, Ice Golem, and Headhunter. They are now slightly less likely to target the Royal Champion or Barbarian King.
  • Healers no longer target Wall Breakers, Super Wall Breakers, or Yetimites.

Clash Of Clans October Balance Changes - Bug Fixes

Clash of Clans October patch notes balance changes bug fixes Supercell
The October patch will eliminate several bugs in Clash of Clans. | © Supercell

A long list of bugs was fixed in the October patch in Clash of Clans.

Here are all of them:

  • You can now Quick Donate Super Troops if trying to donate while visiting Builder Base.
  • Fixed Raid Medal cap enforcement.
  • Show Capital Districts that are both locked and loading as locked rather than loading.
  • Change Macedonia (FYROM) to North Macedonia.
  • Changed the color of the attack button to gray instead of red during a Capital Raid if no more attacks are left.
  • Display donation messages correctly when completing ruins in Clan Capital.
  • Fixed the next replay button to skip over missing replays (resulting from attacks in which no troops were deployed) in Clan Capital.
  • Fixed Find Barracks button graying to work consistently in different Clan Capital unit info screens. Always find your own Barracks when using that button, even if you are scouting a district that has the corresponding Barracks.
  • Fixed the wrong unit level for a secondary unit upgrade screen title when upgrading Capital Barracks. Do not show levels for Skeletons.
  • Refresh Walls when exiting the layout selection screen with the back button. Previously Walls were refreshed only when closing the screen.
  • Correctly display Hero Skins given out in the Season Challenges Silver rewards track in the Reward List popup.
  • Fixed overly large explosion in Level 4 Jump effect.
  • Fixed duration of Bat Spell effects to match with the spawn duration.
  • Fixed sound effects of Log Trap.
  • Fixed a rare occurrence in Season Challenge and Starter Challenge task autocompletion logic. Wall upgrade tasks were autocompleted even if you had unbuilt Walls. Laboratory upgrade tasks were autocompleted if you didn’t have Laboratory or Barracks or if Barracks were underleveled or Barracks were under upgrade.
  • Extrapolate character attack animation only within the active logic tick to avoid animation going too far.
  • Gracefully handle challenge loading failures (no more infinite spinners).
  • Clone Spell will no longer clone units which have not spawned yet.
  • Fixed battle end screen which sometimes shows the wrong time when finishing a challenge level. The wrong time could be shown if there was a delay between the battle end and the screen showing up.
  • Fixed not being able to always save Friendly Army when in Builder Base.
  • Do not apply an immunity effect for buildings when they’re hit by defensive Healer splash damage to avoid unnecessary visual noise. Buildings are still not healed by defensive Healers though.
  • Fixed displayed number of Clan Capital attacks remaining icon after rejoining a Clan or joining another Clan.
  • Fixed wrong unit levels in the Army Camp info screen when visiting other Villages while Power Potion is active.
  • Show the “By troops donated” sort mode for the Clan list only when in the Home Village tab of the Clan to avoid confusion.
  • Fixed Clan Capital Airship attack notification not being visible in some sceneries with custom Balloon Bus.
  • Show red background for Super Troops in the donation menus.
  • Level up characters on top of Wizard Tower level 14 and Archer Tower level 20.
  • Fix CWL leaderboards not updating to the latest season if a Clan on the leaderboard has been deleted while the CWL was active.
  • Remove alive Hero Pets turning into Elixir effect after the battle. Pets are left visible similar to Heroes.
  • The point count of 250 points Destroy X-Bows task in Season Challenges has been reduced to 200 to match other similar tasks.
  • Tweaked defensive Spell effects (TH 14 Poison, Super Valkyrie Rage) to distinguish them from normal Spell effects.
  • Clarify the error message for attempting to kick a Clan member while in Clan Capital.
  • Units with delayed spawn will not count as nearby units for Baby Dragon Rage ability.
  • Units with delayed spawn no longer trigger Traps.
  • Display Grand Warden’s aura effect when joining a live replay where Grand Warden has already been deployed.
  • Add missing sound effects for “Friendly” Flower.
  • Gray out the Play Again button in the Battle End screen if the challenge event has ended.
  • Fixed Battle End screen buttons sometimes becoming unresponsive.
  • Fix the close button of the 'Congratulations' finished raid popup opening the raid map when the screen is open in the capital map.

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