Clash Of Clans September Balance Changes

Supercell will sneak in a small set of balance changes in Clash of Clans for September. Here's a look at all of them.

Clash of Clans Balance Changes September Supercell
A couple of small balance changes have arrived in Clash of Clans in September! | © Supercell

It's been a few months since Supercell introduced balance changes to Clash of Clans. The last balance change took place in late June, and we saw a hefty amount of updates that mostly affected the Clan Capital mode and Raid Medals.

That being said, we're being treated to another set of balance changes for September. However, this one pales in comparison to its predecessor. This will be a mini-update that most of us won't notice unless you pay close attention to them. Let's go over them.

Clash Of Clans - Balance Changes Release Date

These balance changes will go live in an upcoming maintenance break on September 13. This will occur right after the "Less is more" Clash Fest challenge ends, but right before the following challenge, Infinite Goblin begins.

Clash Of Clans - September Balance Changes

Clash of Clans September Balance Changes Nerf Buff Royal Champion Supercell
The Royal Champion will be getting nerfed in the September balance changes! | © Supercell

Only the Royal Champion and Air Defense will be affected by the September balance changes in Clash of Clans. The Royal Champion's seeking shield health recovery will be reduced. On the other hand, the Air Defense's damage per second will be increased.

Here's a complete list of the September balance changes:

UnitBalance Changes
Royal Champion
  • Level 5 Seeking Shield HP recovery decreased from 2,900 → 2,800
  • Level 6 Seeking Shield HP recovery decreased from 3,200 → 3,000
Air Defense
  • Level 12 DPS increased from 480 → 500

Despite its small size, we don't anticipate Supercell any more balance changes in September as Clash Fest is currently ongoing. We doubt they'd want to interfere with the leaderboards by introducing more updates.

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