Best Royal Delivery Decks In Clash Royale

The Royal Delivery is a rather unique utility card in Clash Royale. However, it's starting to see more play in the current meta, so we've got five decks for you to try this card with!

Royal Delivery Drop Clash Royale
Royal delivery drops can change the tides of battle in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

The Royal Delivery is a spell that can only be deployed on the player's side of the Arena. Upon being played, a Royal Delivery drops from the sky, lands on the ground, and spawns a single Royal Recruit.

When this spell was first released in 2020, players found it to be a weaker version of the seven-elixir card, Royal Recruits. Indeed, Royal Delivery doesn't offer much in terms of swarming opponents, but it has found its stride in today's meta as a mostly defensive card. Dropping this spell on enemy troops can deal good damage to them and even knock back others outside of the spell's landing zone.

So with this spell being used more nowadays, we've put together five decks that make significant profits from the Royal Delivery inclusion!

Royal Delivery Lava Loon

Arguably the best Royal Delivery deck in Clash Royale in the current meta, it offers incredible versatility and synergy. Even better, it's a relatively affordable deck. Certain cards may be expensive but the impact on the game is worth it.

  • Cards: Balloon, Fireball, Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Mini PEKKA, Minions, Royal Delivery, and Zap
  • Average elixir cost: 3.9 Elixir

Three Musketeers Skeleton Dragon

Like the deck before, this deck provides great versatility. It has a great damage output with a defensive aspect due to the inclusion of the Heal Spirit and Ice Golem.

  • Cards: Three Muskateers, Bandit, Royal Ghost, Heal Spirit, Ice Golem, Royal Delivery, Royal Hogs, and Skeleton Dragon
  • Average elixir cost: 3.8 Elixir

Royal Hogs Royal Delivery Cycle

Feeling the spirit of the new Mini PEKKA season? Then use this deck which is insanely good for defending against the aggro decks of the current meta.

  • Cards: Earthquake, Hunter, Ice Spirit, Mini PEKKA, Magic Archer, Royal Delivery, Royal Hogs, and Skeletons
  • Average elixir cost: 3.1 Elixir

Wall Breaker Miner Poison Cycle

This is a deck with a particularly unique deck composition. Regardless, it is a deck with impressive synergy and versatility that allows it to switch to an aggro deck if needed.

  • Cards: Bats, Bomb Tower, Knight, Miner, Poison, Royal Delivery, Spear Goblins, and Wall Breaker
  • Average elixir cost: 2.9 Elixir

Golden Knight Miner Poison Cycle

Golden Knight doesn't get enough play time in Clash Royale, so here's a deck where this champion really shines! This deck is incredibly versatile as it can swarm enemies and also defend against aggro decks.

  • Cards: Bats, Golden Knight, The Log, Miners, Poison, Royal Delivery, Skeleton, and Tesla
  • Average elixir cost: 2.9 Elixir

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