Clash Royale: Spell Tier List (September 2022)

Spells are powerful cards to have in your Clash Royale deck. Choosing the right ones can be tricky sometimes so we've come up with a handy tier list ranking all the spells in the current September 2022 meta!

Spells Clash Royale
Don't mess with some of these spells in the September 2022 Clash Royale meta! | © Supercell

Troops may seem like the stars of any Clash Royale deck. However, spells are the real backbone of any deck. A good spell can tilt the odds of winning in your favor and can even increase your troops' damage output with their abilities.

The current September 2022 meta calls for cards - spells in particular - to be versatile. The dynamic quality of being able to be used offensively and defensively is what makes any card truly valuable in a deck. To answer that question of which spells do just that, we've put together a handy tier list to help you figure out which is the right one for you.

Clash Royale Spell Tier List - September 2022

Spell Tier List September200 CR
This is the definitive tier list of all the spells in Clash Royale! | © Supercell / Tiermaker

There are 18 spell cards in Clash Royale - each of which with its own advantages and disadvantages. This is where all of these spells rank in our tier list. Needless to say, S-tier cards are the very best spells and we gradually go down in quality as we descend down the tier list. D-tier cards are the very worst.

So without further ado, let's get into the details!


The Log CR
The Log is simply one of the best spells in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Starting with S-tier cards, these are mainstays of the current meta - and for good reason too. Arrows, Goblin Barrel, The Log, and Fireball are present in many popular decks currently played in the game.

Here's the breakdown of why these spells belong in S-tier:

  • Arrows: This spell's moderate damage in its large damage radius makes it an all-time favorite pick! It's a cheap spell that can fit into basically any deck to counter those aggro and swarm decks that love to run low-health Skeletons and Goblins.
  • Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is an absolute monster in Clash Royale - especially if it's level 8 or above. It can tank most damage from splash damage cards. This spell is certainly a viable pick if you like being able to spawn troops anywhere in the Arena for an ambush, distraction, or the occasional defense.
  • The Log: This iconic spell can deal moderate damage and knock back every enemy ground unit in its path for a measly two Elixir! Some may say this is a meme pick, but it's cheap and versatile for use in any type of deck. It's good against both troops and towers!
  • Fireball: The current meta loves this spell more than anything and has found itself in aggro, mid-range, control, and even bait decks. Four Elixir may be a high price, especially for its low damage radius, but being able to incinerate low to medium HP units is more than worth the price.


Barbarian Barrel Tier List
Barbarian Barrel absolutely shines in A-tier! | © Supercell

A-tier spells are above average for use in the current meta. In this tier, we've got Barbarian Barrel, Giant Snowball, Zap, Poison, and Rocket. Though not seen in most popular decks, they're still a good filler and substitute for some of the mainstream spells that are currently at the top of this list.

Here's the breakdown of why these spells belong in A-tier:

  • Barbarian Barrel: A situational spell that is closely similar to the Battle Ram but with an added benefit! A Barbarian will spawn after the damage-dealing Barrel rolls down the Arena. This spell has some versatility and can function both defensively and offensively. The Barbarian, if high level enough, can tank some serious damage too.
  • Giant Snowball: This spell is great for disrupting enemy waves. Not only can it slow down aggro and midrange decks, but low HP units will be destroyed by this spell. It's honestly a great and cheap alternative for the Freeze spell which has seen some play in the past.
  • Zap: Two Elixir to instantly damage and stun troops? No wonder why it's an easy pick in the current meta for dealing minor damage and handling those pesky aggro decks. You can also slow down troops with Zap - the perfect remedy for large waves of troops.
  • Poison: With its ability to cover areas in a deadly toxin to damage enemy troops and buildings over time, it's a powerful spell that all aggro decks or support troops fear. It would be in S-tier, but it's a rather costly spell.
  • Rocket: The Rocket is perfect for dealing high damage in a small radius to support troops, buildings, and even Towers. It functions more as a situational spell that is best used only in special circumstances due to the 6-Elixir cost that doesn't allow it to be used as freely as a spell such as Fireball.


Royal Delivery Tier CR
Royal Delivery has had quite a fall in the current meta! | © Supercell

B-tier spells such as Graveyard, Tornado, Freeze, Earthquake, and Royal Delivery are bang average. They're still viable in the current meta but only in a few niche decks that use the abilities of these spells as a novelty to upset popular decks.

Here's the breakdown of why these spells belong in B-tier:

  • Graveyard: A favorite in the popular skeleton-themed, Graveyard deploys a swarm of skeletons to ambush, distract and even overwhelm Towers and troops. Not dealing with this obnoxious little spell will be a costly offense. It's not a very popular pick since most decks prefer to use Skeletons.
  • Tornado: A weak spell unless it is combined with an area-effect card. Sure, it can draw in troops within its large radius (and deal minor damage to them), but this ability is quite insignificant and is not worthwhile to include in your deck as you will likely have to include another card to boost its overall value.
  • Freeze: Like Tornado, the effects of Freeze are largely insignificant despite being able to freeze troops and buildings for four seconds (and also dealing minor damage). For four Elixir, this spell is not a valuable inclusion in a deck, especially with the amount of aggro and swarm decks in the current meta.
  • Earthquake: This spell has gradually seen play in meta decks as it can defensively clear or slow swarms from aggro decks and even go on the offensive by dealing massive damage to buildings. Versatility is what players are looking for in cards. Paying three Elixir for that is worth it. However, it doesn't offer great advantages to players as the higher-rated spells on this list.
  • Royal Delivery: For three Elixir, you can drop this package to take out both air and ground troops! After the package lands, a Royal Recruit will spawn. Royal Delivery had a slight resurgence last month - probably due to the previous Royal Delivery challenge. However, people have now gradually removed it from their decks in preference for other spells.


Clone Spell Tier List
The Clone spell is unfortunately not that strong... | © Supercell

C-tier spells are below average for use in the current meta. Spells like Lightning, Rage, and Clone are not found in any decks at the moment so take it as a sign to not include them in your arsenal either. Unfortunately, that's not good news for these spells.

Here's why these spells belong in C-tier:

  • Lightning: When used, this spell strikes three units with the highest hit points in a large area. On top of that, it delivers a mini-stun to these troops (if they're still alive). The problem with this card is that its six Elixir price is too expensive for it to synergize well with other cards.
  • Rage: Once a relatively good Spell in Clash Royale, the Rage spell's ability to boost the attack and movement speed of troops and buildings is no longer useful in the game. Players have decided to forego this in favor of more direct damage spells that have a lasting effect on the Arena landscape.
  • Clone: Three Elixir to duplicate troops in a targeted area sounds good. But here's the catch - they're extremely fragile. By the time you play Clone, your opponent will most likely deploy one of the many cheap, splash-damage spells that are run in the current meta.


Mirror Spell Clash Royale
Mirrors are only an illusion... | © Supercell

At the bottom of the barrel are the D-tier spells. This tier solely belongs to the Mirror spell. I mean, was it even a surprise?

Here's the breakdown of why Mirror is the worst spell in Clash Royale:

  • Mirror: This spell is constantly berated by the Clash Royale community. Its ability to mirror your last card (but with a level upgrade) for one Elixir is basically useless in the current meta. Chances are, most troops that players use are already at their max level the level upgrade would not be felt. Besides, aggro decks already have the obnoxious ability to spawn cheap waves of troops that this spell can only dream of doing.

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