Clash Royale Tier List: All Spells Ranked (December 2022)

Choosing the right spells can be tricky sometimes so we've come up with a handy tier list ranking all the spells in the current December 2022 meta.

Clash Royale Spell Tier List Ranked Cards December 2022 Guide Supercell
We've ranked all the spells in Clash Royale for the December 2022 season. | © Supercell

Spells offer the ability to give you an offensive or defensive edge to your deck. However, with many spells in Clash Royale at the moment, choosing the right ones can be challenging. To help you with that dilemma, we've put together a handy tier list to help you figure out which is the right one for you and your deck.

The December balance changes didn't alter our list much as the only spell to receive a change was the Rage spell. Regardless, let's go over what the rankings look like for the month.

Clash Royale Spell Tier List - December 2022

Clash Royale Tier List All Spells Ranked Cards December 2022 Guide Supercell
Here's an overview of the spell ranking for Clash Royale in December. | © Supercell

Here's an overview of the rankings of all 18 spells in Clash Royale. Each comes with their set own advantages and disadvantages. As expected, these put some above the rest, while others fall below what is expected from a spell.

Let's dive a little deeper into our tier list.


Clash Royale Spell Tier List November 2022 Ranking Guide Rocket Supercell
Deliver some massive destruction with the Rocket in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

The Log, Arrows, Goblin Barrel, and Rocket are S-tier spells. They're a part of the most successful Clash Royale decks as they offer superior advantages and possess the ability to be a game changer.

Here's the breakdown of why these four spells belong in S-tier:

  • The Log: This iconic spell can deal significant damage and knock back every enemy ground unit in its path for only two Elixir. It's cheap, versatile, and an incredibly reliable defensive pick. It's a perfect fit into most decks.
  • Arrows: You can't go wrong with Arrows. It's a cheap spell that can counter aggro and swarm decks that rely on low-health ground and air units. Arrows are more suited for defensive purposes but can be used as a decent damage dealer if you need them to be.
  • Goblin Barrel: The Goblin Barrel is a beast in Clash Royale. It's extremely powerful on the offensive and can take down towers easily if they aren't dealt with quickly.
  • Rocket: The Rocket is perfect for dealing high damage to anything - be it troops, buildings, and even Towers. It functions more as a spell to take out buildings as its 6-Elixir cost doesn't allow it to be used as freely as other spells.


Mirrors are only an illusion...
Looking good, Mirror! | © Supercell

Fireball, Zap, Mirror, and Lightning are A-tier spells. They're classically powerful and can weather the storm in the current meta. They're not as game-changing as S-tier spells, but are strong enough to get the job done.

Here's the breakdown of why these four spells belong in A-tier:

  • Fireball: Fireball found itself in aggro, mid-range, control, and even bait decks. It's a decent (and cheaper) substitute for the more commonly used Rocket. Like Rocket, Fireball is also mainly used for burst damage.
  • Zap: Zap is a cheap spell that's reliable for dealing damage and stunning enemies. It's strong for clearing low-HP swarms of troops or for stunning cards that need to charge up for their attacks.
  • Mirror: Mirror is a dark horse in the Clash Royale community. The added mana cost to play
  • Lightning: Lightning is like a larger, more powerful Zap. Damage and stuns are powerful tools to have in your deck. The only downside with this spell is that its six Elixir price is sometimes too high for it to synergize well with other cards.


Clash Royale Spell Tier List Rankings Guide Barbarian Barrrel Supercell
Barbarian Barrel rolls into B-tier in our rankings. | © Supercell

Graveyard, Tornado, Rage, Freeze, and Earthquake are B-tier spells. They're still viable in the current meta but are incredibly dependent on the cards you choose to synergize it with in your deck. These spells are average at best but can lead to your downfall if paired incorrectly.

Here's the breakdown of why these spells belong in B-tier:

  • Tornado: It's a relatively weak spell mostly used to distract troops. However, it can also be combined with powerful area-effect cards. Tornado's a decent pick for combo decks but isn't great as a standalone.
  • Rage: The Rage spell's ability to boost the attack and movement speed of troops and buildings is not as useful in Clash Royale as it once was. Players have opted for more direct damage spells and also the Lumberjack (which offers more versatility). The December balance changes gave the Rage spell an interesting rework to increase the overall offensive potential of the card.
  • Earthquake: This spell has gradually seen play in meta decks as it can defensively clear or slow swarms from aggro decks and even go on the offensive by dealing massive damage to buildings. Versatility is what players are looking for in cards. Paying three Elixir for that is worth it. However, it doesn't offer great advantages to players as the higher-rated spells on this list.
  • Barbarian Barrel: The Barbarian Barrel is a spell mostly used for defensive purposes. It's a weaker alternative to 'The Log'.
  • Freeze: Freeze is mostly a spell used for slowing and defensive purposes for those pesky low-HP swarms. But, it's not particularly strong to go on the offensive with.
  • Clone: Duplicating the troops on the Arena is a powerful tool if your deck relies on defensive distractions and swarming opponents. Clone is mostly a weaker alternative to Mirror.


Clash Royale Spell Tier List Royal Delivery Supercell Guide Ranking
Royal Delivery is in C-tier | © Supercell

Giant Snowball, Royal Delivery, and Poison are C-tier spells. They're rarely found in most Clash Royale in December as they perform below average and don't meet the needs of most players.

Here's why these three spells belong in C-tier:

  • Giant Snowball: This spell is decent for dealing damage and slowing enemy waves. But, it's a 'directed' spell that most players eschew for the more instant impact Freeze spell.
  • Royal Delivery: Royal Delivery had its moment in previous seasons, but nowadays, it's been relegated to the back due to how weak its damage-dealing capabilities are.
  • Poison: It's actually a powerful spell but its high four cost led to its downfall. Players prefer a more instant and cheaper spell and the Poison spell just ain't it.


Clash Royale All Spells Ranked Tier List Guide F-Tier Graveyard Supercell
The Graveyard is at the bottom of our tier list. | © Supercell

Graveyard is an F-tier spell because it's arguably the worst spell in Clash Royale at the moment.

Here's the breakdown of why Graveyard is the worst spell right now:

  • Graveyard: Skeletons are weak alone and with many decks running area-effect troops and spells, paying a high price of five Elixir for a spell that is effectively countered at every corner is simply not worth it.

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