Eight Cards Will Be Banned In The Next Royal Tournament In Clash Royale

The Clash Royale devs have revealed the eight cards that will be banned from the upcoming Royal Tournament in Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Card Ban
Eight cards will be banned in the upcoming Royal Tournament in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

Last week, the Clash Royale devs did something for the first time - they allowed players to vote on which cards to ban in the next Royal Tournament event.

However, not all the cards in the game were included in the polls. Instead, it was a limited set of cards - more specifically, the top ten most used troops, buildings, and spells in the previous event.

The polls were opened earlier this week. They've now been closed and the votes have been tallied. So, after bated breath, the results of the polls have finally been released.

Here are the cards that will be banned in the upcoming Royal Tournament event:

  • Archer Queen
  • Cannon
  • Lightning
  • Miner
  • Phoenix
  • Skeleton King
  • The Log
  • Tornado

The cards banned will deliver a crushing blow to many popular meta decks that revolve around dealing splash damage or using powerful Champions. With these mainstay cards out of the card pool, we'll potentially see various experimental decks used in the upcoming event. We're certainly looking forward to seeing all the brilliant and not-so-brilliant creations.

But with that being said, the next Royale Tournament will begin on Saturday, January 21.

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