COD Mobile To Get Ghost In The Shell Crossover, Reveals Leak

Skins for Motoko Kusanagi and Batou Buttetsu are expected as part of the collaboration.

COD Mobile Ghost in the shell
Call of Duty: Mobile meets Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 in Season 7. | © Activision Blizzard

The arrival of New Vision City, and a near-future setting, had all but been confirmed for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7, with many players expecting the map, revealed through leaks, to be a new mini-Battle Royale map.

But it looks like the season is going even further than previously thought, with a leak revealing a collaboration with anime Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, the latest TV series based on the popular Japanese manga.

This adds more context to the secret Ghost Hack event, which went live recently, and tasks players with hacking into a terminal that can only be accessed by typing "shell" into the game's global chat.

COD Mobile Ghost in the shell
The Ghost Hack event has already begun in the current season of COD: Mobile. | Activision Blizzard

Some of the rewards from that event are Prosthetic Body parts which will likely be exchangeable for an Operator skin in Season 7. That skin may have been revealed in these latest leaks.

Motoko Kusanagi Is Coming To COD: Mobile Season 7, According To Recent Leaks

Ghost in the Shell is one of the most recognizable IPs in the world of manga.

A big part of that is down to the story's central character, Mokoto Kusanagi, a field commander of an anti-cybercrime task force. She also just happens to be a synthetic augmented-cybernetic human, or cyborg to me and you, created using a "full-body prosthesis." Information that will be connecting a few dots if you have been working through the Ghost Hack event.

And if you haven't actually seen Ghost of the Shell or any of its spin-offs, you will definitely have seen the numerous games, films, and TV shows that have been directly influenced by it, most notably The Matrix. The Wachowskis making no secret of the manga's influence on the blockbuster action movie franchise.

Ghost in The Shell CoD Mobile Season 7
Ghost in the Shell and Motoko Kusanagi is coming to COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

Now, it appears that its influence has reached COD: Mobile, with Season 7: New Vision City being wrapped up in a celebration of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, a Netflix TV show that first aired in 2020 and saw its second season debut in May of this year.

The series is based on the Stand Alone Complex sub-continuity, and while it has been largely panned by critics, it does offer up some pretty cool inspiration for our favorite mobile shooter.

If these leaks prove to be true, two Motoko Kusanagi skins will be made available throughout the season, one rewarded through a Lucky Draw and the other through the game's battle royale mode. The latter is probably the one tied to the Ghost Hack event, but we can't confirm this yet. There will also be a skin for Batou Buttetsu, Motoko Kusanagi's second in command.

Also seen in the leaked images is a mythic skin for the Switchblade X9 SMG, a new gun that made an appearance in the most recent test build.

These leaks have been vouched for by a number of reputable COD: Mobile leakers, and it looks like Season 7, which is set for release on August 3, will be one of the most exciting seasons of the game yet - especially if classic Zombies mode, which was also part of the most recent test build, returns once again.

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