COD Mobile Jackal Fighter Jet: Spawn Locations, How To Fly, More

Take "To the Skies" suggests Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 6 update and that means finding and securing the Jackal fighter jet. Here is where it spawns, how to fly it, and more.

COD: Mobile Jackal Season 6
Jackal takes the action into the skies. | © Activision Blizzard

Season 6 of Call of Duty: Mobile has added player-controlled fighter jets. It may only be in the battle royale mode, but a fighter jet nonetheless. First seen in Call of Duty: Ghost, the Jackal can be found dotted around the Isolation map. Their locations are no secret but you will have to fight plenty of other players off to secure the jet.

If you want to learn more, our COD: Mobile Jackal guide will explain all.

Where Does The Jackal Spawn In COD: Mobile Season 6?

As mentioned before, but worth repeating, the Jackal is only available in the battle royale mode and only available on the Isolation AKA the larger of the two BR maps.

The Jackal spawns at three locations on the outer edge of the map and are displayed on the in-game map with the icon of a fighter jet.

COD Mobile Season 6 jackal spawn locations
The four jackal spawn locations are marked with a purple circle on the map above. | © Activision Blizzard / MobileMatters

Each Jackal is parked on a runway, the runways are located:

  • North of Harbor
  • East of Dormitory
  • South of Crash
  • North of Countdown

Jackal's are armed with a Gatling gun, rockets, and flares but before you will have them at your disposal you will need to get the jet into the air.

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How To Fly The Jackal

The Jackal may look like a sleek and modern fighter jet but you'll soon come to learn that barrel rolls and defensive spirals are not the aims of the game with this thing behaving more like a tank in the sky.

A surprisingly fragile tank too, the first few deaths in the Jackal will likely result from you brushing the terrain after you momentarily lose control and end up on fire.

COD Mobile Season 6 jackal
Maneuvering the Jackal doesn't come easy in COD: Mobile Season 6. | © Activision Blizzard

Once in the air for weaponry, you have the Gatling gun, rockets, and then flares for use when the missile locked by another Jackal or the new anti-aircraft weapon.

Directional movement is done entirely with the left stick, with players also able to use the accelerator to gain speed and the brakes/landing gear. Helping you to slow down and turn quicker, holding the brake button down will activate the landing gear.

Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Start high and get a feel for the plane.
  • You can stall. Not pressing the accelerator and losing too much speed can send you into a stall, if this happens you will need to press the accelerator button and pull up.
  • Consider the Gatling your primary, with Rockets slightly less expendable.
  • You can take one squad mate with you in the passenger seat.
  • Once your jet starts smoking - get out.

That's it for our Jackal guide. For more on the new Call of Duty season, check out our best guns guide or the most recent weapon balance changes.