COD Mobile's Isolated Is Getting Two Huge New POIs

T3 - Refinery and Ecology Lab are the names of two new Isolated POIs, debuting in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 (2023).

T3 refinery 3

Fans of Call of Duty: Mobile are gearing up for the release of Season 1, and it looks like those that love the game's battle royale mode have plenty of reasons to be excited as the Isolated map is set to get two huge new POIs.

The new POIs, called T3 - Refinery and Ecology Lab, are reportedly directly linked to the Atlas Corporation, who made their presence felt on Isolated in Season 10 when one of their sky carriers was shot down by allies-turned-rivals, the UAC, turning it into a massive POI.

Those that follow COD: Mobile's - admittedly rather flexible lore - will recognize T3, an organization of mercenaries that includes Alias, Spectre, and Ghost, brought into the mix by Atlas Corporation to spearhead the fightback against the UAC.

The lines between these three organizations are murky, though, and who the real 'bad guys' changes more than my pants (answer: frequently), so who knows what is in store when Season 1 launches later this month.

Season 10 also saw the inclusion of the Atlas Refinery, and it's not yet clear if the T3 - Refinery is a takeover or something else entirely. The video sourced by LeakersOnDuty does show a facility branded Atlas Corporation, so it may well be the former.

The other POI is Ecology Lab, which, true to its name, appears to be growing plants in some very large test tubes - maybe that's why Snoop Dogg returned last season?

Is Snoop Dogg joining this space rivalry? | © Activision Blizzard / LeakersOnDuty

Well get the answers to these questions soon, with Season 1 expected to launch on January 19.

While the developers have yet to officially unveil the contents, we have learned that the season will sport a Chinese New Year theme, introduced a new round of weapon balance changes and a new light-machine gun in the shape of the Dingo.

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