A New LMG Is Coming To COD Mobile

The Dingo, first seen in Black Ops III, is coming to COD: Mobile, claims a leaker.

Dingo lmg
The Dingo LMG is set to arrive in Season 1 (2023). | © Activision Blizzard

The developers have teased it and now some trusted leakers have given us a name, with all signs pointing to the arrival of a new light-machine gun to Call of Duty: Mobile.

According to LeakersOnDuty, the LMG will be the Dingo, first seen in Black Ops III.

Described as a "full-auto light machine gun," which boasts a "fast fire rate [and] moderate recoil," it will be COD: Mobile's ninth LMG.

As mentioned before, the developers have also teased the arrival of an LMG. After the release of Season 11, the team responded "soon" to the question of when a new gun would be added to the class.

LeakersOnDuty claim soon means Season 1, which is set to launch in January, with COD: Mobile resetting the season counter with every new year.

It is almost a certainty that the Dingo will be on the free track of the Season 1 battle pass.

And LeakersOnDuty had more to share about what we could expect in Season 1, revealing a list of legendary blueprints coming to the game - including one for the Dingo - a new Stim Shot tactical, and a perk called Militant.

The launch of Season 1 comes at an interesting time for the game, following as it does the soft launch of Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, a game from the same franchise which is part-sequel part-rival and from a different development studio.

News that there is plenty more planned content on the way will be music to the ears of fans of the game - many of who have spent considerable sums on cosmetics.

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