COD Mobile's "Free" Legendary Weapon Blueprint Will Actually Cost You Over $400

Many thought the Death Scythe Plus - Man-o-War would be free through an event, but that has turned out not to be the case.

COD: Mobile fans got a bit of a shock today when what was thought to be a free Legendary weapon blueprint availble in Season 7: New Vision City actually turned out to cost more than $400 USD.

That skin was the Death Scythe Plus - Man-o-War, and in screenshots that appeared before the launch of Season 7, the weapon's description mentioned it would be available through an event.

That had many content creators claiming that there would be the opportunity for players to unlock a Legendary weapon blueprint for free - in what would be a first for the game.

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That turned out not to be correct. There is a Legendary weapon blueprint available through an event in Season 7, that much is true. But that event, called Royale Collection, has just one challenge, which is to win a "main reward" from one of the game's lucky draw - three times. A fact that makes this Death Scythe Plus - Man-o-War far from the freebie many have envisioned.

Royal Collection Free legendary weapon blueprint season 7 cod mobile main reward
Death Scythe Plus - Man-o-War definitely involves a certain spend. | © Activision Blizzard

But for those unaware lucky draws are one of the game's most egregious monetization mechanics. You purchase a ticket for the draw, spin the wheel, and get one of the ten possible rewards. One of these will be a Legendary/Mythic weapon blueprint or Operator skin - these are the "main rewards" that this new event references.

The issue is, the odds are stacked against you winning the main reward in anything but the very last draw; with the price of the draw increasing every time, the cost of the skin becomes extortionate. In the US (prices vary between regions), it will cost you over $125 USD though it can be even more.

COD MObile Season 7 free legendary skin
The devil is in the detail, This event tasks you with spending huge amounts of money on lucky draws. | © Activision Blizzard

But, as mentioned before, the Royale Collection event doesn't ask you to get one main reward but three, meaning you could easily find yourself spending close to $400 to get this Legendary weapon blueprint.

To add insult to injury, this is actually a reskin of a previously released weapon blueprint found in the Eternal Rest Lucky Draw.

Previous main reward wins don't count either, with only those won during the time the event is running proving illegible.

News that the "free" Legendary weapon blueprint wasn't free at all quickly became the most talked about topic on the COD: Mobile subreddit on the day of Season 7's launch, with several posts devoted to the topic.

Many felt let down by the developers while others stated they felt the leaks were always too good to be true.

Before you all start from CallOfDutyMobile

Summing up how many felt was abdo_the_boss who said:

"F**k this s**t I was so hyped"

Another suggested it was "buy 3 legendaries and get this one free 🤡." The clown emoji tells you all you need to know.

Others felt the idea of getting a free Legendary skin was simply never going to happen. "See I told you guys. Activision would never give us free legendary. Y'all are all tripping.

When it comes to advice, player mcloaf, had the best: "That's why people should be reminded that every leak should be taken with a pinch of salt." Amen to that.

The Royale Collection event runs until November 2, so if you do fancy grabbing yourself a... ahem, "bargain," you have plenty of time to do so.

If you do truly want some free cosmetics, then there are plenty on offer in Season 7, with the new Togusa's Survey offering up a free Epic weapon blueprint and Operator skin.