How To Get Ghost In COD: Mobile

This guide talks about how you can get Ghost Operator in COD: Mobile while sharing a few other details.

COD Mobile Ghost
Here's a guide on how to get Ghost in COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

One of the most fables Operators and characters of all time in the Call of Duty franchise, Ghost, aka Simon Riley, is a member of Task Force 141 who is loved by the community for all good reasons.

While there are many Call of Duty games on consoles and PC where you can play as Ghost, COD: Mobile has been one of the left-out titles up until last year, before the arrival of Modern Warfare 2 Remake, in which Ghost was not available as an Operator.

Now that Ghost is available in COD: Mobile, we are here to talk about how you can get and use him in the game.

How To Get Ghost In COD: Mobile

Red Team 141 Ghost COD Mobile
You can get Ghost by owning the Vault Edition of MW2. | © Activision Blizzard

In COD: Mobile, you can get Ghost by purchasing the Vault Edition of Moden Warfare 2 Remake. Once that is done, make sure to link into the MW2 using the same Activision account that you use in COD: Mobile.

After that, log into COD: Mobile and check your in-game mail. You will receive the Red Team 141 Ghost Operator skin from there.

Claim it and then go to the Loadout menu, where you can select the newly acquired Ghost Operator skin from the 'Soldiers' menu.

Originally, the Red Team 141 Ghost Operator skin was made available to players who pre-ordered MW2 Vault Edition. But according to many in the community, even now, purchasing the Vault Edition rewards players with the said Operator.

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