How To Unlock Claw Operator Skill In COD Mobile Season 7

The Claw operator skill is one of the newest additions to Call of Duty: Mobile. Here is how you can unlock it in Season 7: New Vision City.

Claw Operator skill cod mobile season 7 how to unlock
The Claw operator skill will arrive in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7. | © Activision Blizzard

The Claw operator skill is one of the latest additions to Call of Duty: Mobile, expected to arrive with the Season 7: New Vision City update.

The Claw operator skill was first seen in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and to call it a skill is slightly disingenuous as this is more like a jacked-up nail gun with bullets that bounce off walls to inflict maximum damage.

Here is how the game describes it:

Rapid-fire spread shot firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds. Aim down sights for more focused damage.

The Claw isn't the only armament arriving with Season 7, with the Switchblade X9 also making its debut, but it is certainly the most intriguing, with it offering up a potential killer blow to those that like to camp a little too much.

If you are as keen as we are to get our hands on it, here is how you go about doing that.

How To Unlock The Claw Operator Skill In COD: Mobile

Arriving with Season 7: New Vision City, the Claw operator skill will be available to players through the season's battle pass.

The claw operator skill how to unlock
The Switchblade X9 is another battle pass unlockable. | © Activision Blizzard

Thankfully, it is part of the free track, and thus players won't have to fork out any cash to get the Claw in their arsenal. You will have to put some hours in, though, as the Claw is unlocked at tier 14.

How To Use The Clay Operator Skill

While we haven't had hands-on time with the Claw, there's plenty that have, with it appearing in the most recent test build.

Check out this gameplay video by YouTuber Hachwa for an idea of how it performs in-game.

It's safe to say that the Claw has a low time-to-kill, and this looks like the perfect operator skill to extend a kill streak. We will reserve our final judgments until after the release of Season 7, but this is already shaping up to be this season's overpowered item.

We'll find out on August 3 when Season 7: New Vision City launches.