We May Have Just Got A First Look At Warzone Mobile's Lobby Screen

Warzone Mobile sleuths have found what they believe to be the lobby screen for the game.

Call of duty warzone mobile banner
Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile's lobby screen may have just leaked. | © Activision Blizzard

Are we that desperate for nuggets of information regarding Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile? Answer: yes.

As we wait impatiently for the big reveal at franchise showcase COD Next, we are being left somewhat satiated by the drip-drip of leaks coming from whatever source we can find.

In recent days, we've learned that Warzone Mobile will likely have 120-player lobbies, cross-progression, and will almost certainly see the return of Verdansk.

And tonight (September 13), we've learned, thanks to some industrious COD sleuths, what Warzone Mobile's lobby screen will look like.

This info comes courtesy of Solid State Studio's website, one of four developers currently working on the title. Scroll down the landing page, and you are met with a promotional image we have yet to see in the run-up to launch.

Check the filename, and you will discover it is called "wzm-lobby-graphic" or, in full: Warzone Mobile lobby graphic.

This little tidbit was publicized by DarKsNest, a "mobile gaming news and leaks retweeter".

While it is possible that too much is being read into this, it may well be that this will be the image displayed on the lobby screen that will greet players when they first launch the game.

And there is more...

Does This Promo Image Confirm Verdansk's Return?

This isn't the only new image to surface today that potentially reveals something about the game, as the channel banner for the official Warzone Mobile YouTube channel seemingly confirms the return of Verdansk, featuring as it does, a large portion of the map, including the Stadium POI.

Cod mobile warzone verdansk
Does this image prove that Verdansk is set to return? | © Activision Blizzard

This image ties in with what we have previously learned about Warzone Mobile. We know that Verdansk was the map playable during the closed alpha tests, and earlier today we reported that an "alternate version" of Verdansk would be launched with the game.

Any version of the much beloved Verdansk would be a welcome sight for fans of Warzone, as it's safe to say since Caldera replaced the iconic map back in December 2021, things have never quite been the same for the battle royale.

Launching Warzone Mobile with this fan favorite is an easy slam-dunk and a great way to kick off the series launch on mobile devices.

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