Are The Fortnite Servers Down? How To Check The Server Status

With a game that has a history of downtimes and outages, here's a look at the various ways that will help you check on the status of the Fortnite servers.

Fortnite Servers
The Fortnite servers are known to be occasionally unavailable. | © Epic Games

Fortnite frequently experiences maintenance downtimes during patches and game updates. These, unfortunately, often leave the servers temporarily unavailable. Besides this, there are the occasional crashes which result in the servers being out of service for an unknown amount of time. Problems may also arise because of issues on your side.

To help you discern if there is a legitimate ongoing issue with the Fortnite servers, we've put together a guide going over all the ways you can check on the game's server status.

How To Check Fortnite's Server Status

Fortnite Status2
Checking on Fortnite's server status is an easy task. | © Epic Games

There are three main ways to check the Fortnite's server status:

These accounts and websites can offer real-time information regarding the status of the Fortnite servers.

The Epic Games Public Status website is a must-have if you're a frequent Epic Games user as it shows the server status across all of their games. The Fortnite Status Twitter account is especially useful as it announces when Fortnite will be undergoing a scheduled maintenance or update.

Meanwhile, DownDetector is a helpful tool to identify if there were any outages in the past 24 hours.

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Fortnite's servers most recently went down after the launch of Chapter 4 Season 4 on August 25, 2023. However, the servers were quickly brought back online after a short moment.

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