Fortnite Sharp Tooth Shotgun: How To Get & Stats

The Sharp Tooth Shotgun is a high-powered weapon that can decimate your opponents in Fortnite. Here is a look at its stats and how you can get it.

Sharp Tooth Shotgun Fortnite
The Sharp Tooth Shotgun is a powerful new weapon in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Introduced in Chapter 4 Season 3, the Sharp Tooth Shotgun is a weapon that has an extended range and a smaller spread compared to the regular Pump Shotgun.

This makes it a great choice not only for those who love aiming from a distance but for critical battles in the dense jungle biome where you can catch opponents by surprise.

Here is an in-depth look at the Sharp Tooth Shotgun in Fortnite.

How To Get the Sharp Tooth Shotgun In Fortnite

How To Get Sharp Tooth Shotgun
The most common way of finding the Sharp Tooth Shotgun is in chests. | © Epic Games

You can find the Sharp Tooth Shotgun in Fortnite in various ways. It includes:

  • Chests
  • Rare Chests
  • Holo-Chests
  • Fishing Spots
  • Claiming a POI
  • Shooting down flying drones
  • On the ground

Sharp Tooth Shotgun Stats

Sharp Tooth Shotgun Stats jpg
The Sharp Tooth Shotgun comes in different rarities with different stats. | © Epic Games

The Sharp Tooth Shotgun is a powerful weapon that packs quite a punch from close range and against structures. The only setback that may hamper you during battles is the rather slow reload speed.

It is available in four rarities: Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Uncommon. Needless to say, the higher the rarity, the better the stats.

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Here is a detailed look at the Sharp Tooth Shotgun's stats in Fortnite:

RarityDPSDamageMagazine SizeFire RateReload TimeStructure Damage
Legendary80.784118.840.684.05 seconds89


4.275 seconds86
Rare73.4410840.684.5 seconds81
Uncommon69.768102.640.684.725 seconds77

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