Fortnite Slap Splash: How To Get & Stats

Fortnite has introduced a new item, Slap Splash, that can be consumed to both heal and grant a temporary speed boost. Here are its stats and how you can get it.

Slap Splash Fortnite
Slap Splash is a healing item in Fortnite that gives you an extra sprint boost. | © Epic Games

Slap Splashes is a new consumable item in Fortnite that allows you to splash some Slap Juice on the ground for you and your teammates. This Slap Juice will restore health and grant you and your team mates temporary energy regeneration.

Use Slap Splashes to either heal up or gain a sprint boost that can be used to chase or escape enemies.

Here's a look at how you can get Slap Splashes in Fortnite and its stats.

How To Get Slap Splash In Fortnite

Slap Splash Locations
Here are the locations of where you can find Slap Splashes in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

You can get Slap Splash in Fortnite in a variety of different ways. This includes:

  • Chests
  • Holo-Chests
  • Coolers
  • On the ground
  • Claiming POIs
  • Shooting down flying drones
  • Loot Llamas (only Exotic Slap Splashes)

Slap Splash Stats

Slap Splash Stats
Slap Splash is a powerful item in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Slap Splashes are available in two different rarities: Rare and Exotic. Naturally, Exotic Slap Splashes are a better item as they can offer better healing and a longer temporary energy regeneration compared to the default rarity.

That being said, here is a closer look at the stats of the Slap Splash in Fortnite:

RarityHP RestoreStack SizeEnergy Regeneration Boost Duration
Rare15630 seconds
Exotic30660 seconds

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