Fornite Rarest Gliders: The Hardest Gliders To Get In The Game

With over 400 gliders available, we've assembled the top 5 rarest gliders in Fortnite.

Fortnite Glider
Some gliders are extremely hard to get in Fortnite. | © Epic Games

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has garnered tremendous popularity thanks in part to its simplistic gameplay. Players enter battles, gather loot, construct structures to defend enemies, and eliminate opponents.

But, items also play a crucial part in the gameplay. Among the most coveted items in the game are gliders. They allow you to soar through the skies and parachute into the battlefield. Some gliders are easy to get and gliders that are super rare and hard to get.

In this article, we will delve into Fortnite's rarest gliders.

The Rarest Gliders In Fortnite

Mako Glider

Mako Glider
The Mako Glider. | © Epic Games

The Mako glider ranks as one of the rarest gliders in Fortnite. It was exclusively available to players who reached level 25 during the game's first-ever season.

The Mako glider stands apart from other gliders in the game due to its distinctive shark art.

Fighter Kite Glider

Fighter Glider
The Fighter Kite Glider. | © Epic Games

The Fighter Kite glider was once the third-rarest glider in the game as it did not appear in the Item Shop for more than a year. Now, its legendary status has dimmed down a little as it made an appearance in the shop recently.

Regardless, the glider's simple and elegant design is still coveted to this day and many players can't wait to get their hands on it.

Discovery Glider

Fortnite Discovery Glider
The Discovery Glider. | © Epic Games

The Discovery Glider was first added to Fortnite in Chapter 1 Season 6. However, it wasn't as simple as earning in the Battle Pass. Instead, players who used a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Tab S4 could only get it.

In addition to the Glider, players also got back bling and a harvesting tool.

Founder's Glider

Founders Glider
The Founder's Glider. | © Epic Games

The Founder's glider is a rare item that is exclusively available to players who purchased the Save the World game mode before it became free-to-play.

It's often a sign of a player who was committed to playing all facets of Fortnite in the early days no matter the cost.

Snowflake Umbrella Glider

Snowflake Umbrella Glider
The Snowflake Umbrella Glider. | © Epic Games

The Snowflake Umbrella glider is a rare item that players can only get during Fortnite's first winter event.

It features a unique design with a snowflake pattern. Players who own this glider are often esteemed for their skill and dedication.

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