Top 5 Sweatiest And Most Tryhard Skins In Fortnite

Are you interested in some sweaty Fortnite Skins? We made a ranking of the top 5 sweatiest and tryhard skins in Fortnite.

Fortnite Sweaty Skins
We show you the sweatiest Fortnite skins. | © Epic Games

Which Fortnite skins are considered to be the most sweat-inducing? For those unfamiliar with the term, “sweaty” skins are those worn by highly skilled players in the game.

It's important to note that all skins in Fortnite are purely cosmetic and do not provide any in-game advantages whatsoever.

However, since spotting opponents from a distance is crucial on the battlefield, skins that aren't as bold have become the cosmetic of choice. This means that sweaty skins are typically more understated and often offer customizable color options. That being said, let's explore the top 5 of the sweatiest and tryhard skins in Fortnite.

Sweatiest And Most Tryhard Skins In Fortnite

5. Mogul Master Skin

Mogul Master fortnite skin pros
The Mogul Master Skin. | © Epic Games

Once regarded as a legendary skin due to its extreme rarity and limited availability, the Mogul Master skin has experienced a slight decline in its status on the flex market since its release. However, it continues to hold significant value among players who appreciate its extensive range of customization options.

With an abundance of ways to personalize its appearance, this skin stands as one of the top choices for both skilled players and those seeking to showcase their dedication to the game.

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4. Soccer Skin

Fortnite Soccer Skins
Fortnite Soccer Skins. | © Epic Games

While not exactly an elusive skin as it frequently appears in the Fortnite item shop, soccer skins hold a strong appeal for many professional players.

Its simplicity seems to be a favored choice among them and there might be another reason behind its popularity – the ability to represent one's country! After all, who doesn't enjoy the game of soccer?

3. Elite Agent Skin

Elite Agent fortnite skin pros
The Elite Agent Skin. | © Epic Games

Obtaining the Elite Agent skin in Fortnite is no easy feat. Originating from the Season 1 Chapter 3 Battle Pass, its sweatiness comes from this exclusivity and grants it a sense of old-school prestige.

The combination of the skin's dark color palette and the inclusion of the word “elite” in its name further elevates this skin to legendary status.

2. Renegade Raider Skin

Renegade Raider
The Renegade Raider Skin. | © Epic Games

It's safe to assume that you're well aware of the Renegade Raider's status as one of the most coveted and elusive Fortnite skins. However, it's worth mentioning that it's not only rare but also highly popular.

Originally introduced in September 2017 - a mere two months after Fortnite's initial release - it quickly became a sought-after skin. Consequently, those who choose to don this skin are often among the most dedicated and skilled players in Fortnite, known as “sweaters.”

1. Boundless Skin

Boundless skin
The Boundless Skin. | © Epic Games

As you might have already guessed, the Boundless skins offer the highest level of customization among all the skins. This customization capability reached a point where players could make their skin entirely black, granting them near-invisibility during matches in Fortnite.

Fortunately, Epic Games intervened and disabled this particular customization through a patch. However, we still believe that these skins and their versatility provide certain advantages in the game. It seems that “sweaters” share a similar sentiment. If you happen to spot a player donning a superhero skin, you best avoid them!

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